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April 23, 2007


We will steer clear of Hickman.

(Thanks to Geoffrey Butler)


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It contained grammatical errors, was not typed on letterhead and was faxed from a local grocery store. The fax falsely claimed that the Kentucky Supreme Court "demanded" Rouse be released.

It seems at the Kentucky Correctional Facility and Psychiatric Institute the inmates are running the asylum...

I'm sure there are no actual Hick, men in Hickman. So they Soitenly won't be offended.

I would have put this under the heading of "Law Enforcement Mastermind of the Week"


Sister city?

And in England: http://www.hickstead.co.uk/Directions.pdf

As long as you're not making fun of Dobie Gillis, OK.

Kind of OT but this may be one of the great advertising tie in's of all time. I taped the History Channel's program "Sherman's March" last night and was watching it today during my lunch break. The show cut to a commercial where wth video was that of a well known brand of automobile. The announcer's voice over was: "Sherman's March is brought to you in part by Lincoln."



"Oh, hey BobbyJim, lookey here on this eeeportant paper spitter....It's a eeportant paper what says 'Let LarryBobJoe Hickface outta jail now, onnaconna he bees inni, enna not gilty.


Govenna Chuckle McLaughington'"

"Ya think it's real, JimmyBob Junior?"

"Yeah, it's gotta be. Look at that fancy name on the Govenna!"

"I'll git the keys."

"...policies did not require checking the source of a faxed order..."

I'll bet the new policies do!

impressed that they gots faxes up yonder.

*spit-snork* @ Punkin!

Well I guess it is better than Pootstown, PA?

"He added that misspellings on orders are common."

I want to make a joke about this, but the fact is, it's too sad to do so. If you can't trust your court orders to be spelled correctly, who can you trust?

Hey. What happened with the italics?

Did that fix it?


SHHHH! It's okay! I fixed it, so everything's cool.

CJ Tattle tale.

in case anyone needs to contact this prestigious institution -
Kentucky Correctional Facility
Director: Greg Taylor
Phone: (502) 222-7161
FAX: (502) 222-4747
Hopefully they will recycle all faxes for use in the restroom.

Ya thank mebbe his mama done it?

Oh, we're making fun of the name of the town? I thought we were making fun of the guy in the story named "Rick Major" - I bet he's glad his parents decided on "Rick" instead of, well, you know.

Well, I hope so Annie, but remember - only one fax per visit.

Val - GMTA.

Hold on! The guy who pulled of this "ruse" was named "Rouse"! I thought THAT was the funny name!

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