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April 14, 2007


...you will enjoy this.

(Also thanks to Claire Martin)


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Jerry Stiller says he never feels old because he dies his hair every three weeks.

Jerry Stiller says he never feels old because he dies his hair every three weeks.

First and second!!!


eh, what? why are they "talkin' about degeneration?"

I LOVE IT!!! Great video.

And to quote George Carlin, "Anyone who remembers the sixties wasn't really there."

A hat trick on a Saturday. YAY me. :)

OK everybody, come on out and play.

OOh, El - a bot-assisted hat trick! Nicely done!

*snork* at insom....

How many teeth is this guy missing, anyway?

So, Al - do you remember the sixties? ;)

DD - I vaguely believe that I was in the area at the time, but what exactly happened is a little vague, other than where I was when JFK, RFK and MLK were shot. The rest is a blur...Oh ya, seeing the Beatles, I remember that too.

*wanders down memory lane and hopes to avoid flashbacks*

Dang, that was funny - did that one guy have teeth? I saw him chewing, or gumming something, but don't think I ever did see teeth....

GIVE 'EM HELL!! These folks are AWESOME!!

Hmmm, bookbabie is suddenly "flashing" forward and seeing the future, gonna go brush my teeth and do my yoga.

That was terrific!

I gather the guy singing is named Peter and posts on pensioners 'issues' as 'Geriatric1927.' What a fabulous over-turning of the original song!

he dyes his hair....

Frankly, El, I think you had it right the first time. Jerry's hair always looks like roadkill to me. I just thought maybe you meant he rotated it out for fresh on a regular basis.

first to say, "groovy, man..."

That's cute ... some quite nice visual "almost" puns there ... a nice number ... esp. the No. 1 at the end ...

The sixties? Did they really even exist?

Those are the same folks that told me to turn that music down back then. When did they become so accepting?

(Actually, loved the video).

....especially the Abbey Road walkers.

That was wicked awesome!

OK - Movie quote-

"No Bulla, you didn't experience the 60's. You took two 50's and went straight to the 70's."

Name the movie.

Hey El..... cye ;-)

Field of Dreams

Thats right Jazzz. I love that scene and the whole movie.

Done, Jazzzz, czech yours. ;)

Deskd, I agree. I find him to be a particularly unattractive man and his humor is a little too blustery for me. I just read that quote in one of those one line 'brief report' thingys and it made me laugh.

Typing in the dark isn't easy so I'll
*zip out*

Peter is in the chorus, but he's not the lead singer.

That was great!

Ah, crap... Do Ho died today

Steve - not to correct you or anything impudent like that - but that would be Don.... Don Ho died today.... Wow. And champagne bottles everywhere are popping their corks in his memory.

Don "Ho"? Please, people. Have we learned nothing from Imus?

Too much, magic truss!!

Lol, annie. You've been watching too much Bill O'Reilly again.

Yup, that's me - an O'Reilly fan. and snork at 'magic truss.'

One of the most clever things I ever saw inscribed in a public bathroom was on a hand dryer bearing this graphic.

Someone had etched into it, "Don Ho praying."

And you do not, I repeat, NOT, want to know what else I found while searching for the graphic in the above post.

thanks for not subjecting us to any graphic graphics.

Stevie's comment about the first graphic got me giggling extensively. In fact, I got giggle-induced hiccups. As I just completed my thesis, that was much needed. Thanks.

Stevie's second graphic was "ew"-worthy, but at least it was not a squirrel costume. And I am seeing imaginary spiders and should go to sleep.

Ahhh!!!! Retina burn!!! Stevie, how could you?




ArcticAl: me too, on seeing the Beatles that is.

February 1964, Carnegie Hall

*goes to search for where he left the geezer bus*

And the lead singer was Alf, who is 90!

Go, daddy, go.

I really like the cause this video supports. Too few people appreciate the elderly in our communities or know how awful some of these "retirement" facilities can be. (I work in nursing home/medical malpractice litigation - scary stuff). Old folks are funny and cool and have so much to teach us. It just really touched me.


Mornin' Geezers!!!


I LOVE the Abbey Rd. with the walkers bit LOL.


Loved the video!!

My parents live in a very active retirement center. As I was walking down the hallway with them one day, someone opened a door to an apartment and I heard rock music. Dad turned to me and said "That's one of our newer residents."

I was thinking how lyrics to rock songs would mean different things there.

(Can't get no) Satisfaction.

Who, Who are You?

According to the comments after the video, the guy at the end with the beard and the finger is UK's eldest worker at 100 years old, who says he continues to work because it keeps him active. You go, grandpa!

Yeah, didn't spell the name right. Sorry, Don. :-\

That was a gas! Meanie's right though about that particular age group. My parents barely tolerated the Elvis and The Beatles, and the stuff they said about Motown would make Imus look like a saint.

But they still let me play it all, God rest 'em. Oddly enough, the only song my mother liked was "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter." And she was especially fond of "Hooray for Hazel" because that was here name.

So, for 10 points, who did "Hooray for Hazel?" No fair looking it up.

Please to be removing the extra "e." Thank you, thank you very much.

*snitches back the extra "the" for ubetcha*

Here, you dropped this.

Well, at least they didn't Disco. I give them props for that.

What's wrong with disco???

*runs and hides*

Come on, you geezers! I know it never made the Top Ten, but that's what makes it interesting. 1966, and I was 13.

"Hooray for Hazel, she put me down
Hooray for Hazel, she made me her clown
Hooray for Hazel, she's up to her tricks
Hooray for Hazel, she's gettin' her kicks."

Oddly enough I can remember the color of every 45 I bought back then, and this one was black. I can't remember the names (i.e., BT Puppy) because there were so many, but I can remember the basic color of every 45 I ever bought, and I bought them all.

Useless information, but don't play RPM Trivial Pursuit with me. I actually do know how many mothers there are in Nashville.

20 points if you can name that one.

Someday I'll get laid again.

OK, blogguys! You have a mission. Anyone wanna pony up to help out ubetcha here? Anyone? Bueller?

*psst* (Don't worry, u - I'm thinkin' I'm about as desperate.)

ubetcha, it was Tommy Roe... recalled by a geezer who was 10 in 1966. ;-)

Oops, too late I see to contribute Tommy Roe (I prefer his "Everybody" and "Sheila," a little less bubble gum than "Hooray for Hazel," which was on par with his "Dizzy" on the please-you-can't-expect-me-to-take-this-song-seriously scale).

Be you referrin' to the Lovin' Spoonful's "Nashville Cats?" Screw the mothers, how many guitar pickers are there?

... Screw the mothers ...

... um ... Stevie W ... ???

that would seem to be more or less of a prerequiste ... IYCMD ... merely sayin' ...

*tosses an needed "i" up there ...*

* and a n up there ... remember, dummy ... preview is my friend ...*

Okay...now I'm all for cloning.

Stevie, I never liked Hooray for Hazel either, or much else by Tommy Roe.

There's 16,821 mothers from Nashville (and 1,352 guitar pickers). Now THAT song I love.

In 1966 I was just 13 (you might say I was a musical proverbial knee-high).

So, its good to see Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend in the studio still doing there thing.

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