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April 26, 2007



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uhhhh... why? Was it baa-ad?

Yay! That means the state attorney will stop harassing me now...

Well, should anyway. They're still a bit picky over the bodies that were there as well...

This blog is getting way too rural lately, sheep, goats, runaway cows, bull sh!t, you get my drift?

I wonder if the goat likes staying in the van? Maybe he would rather have a bedroom with a comfy bed in the house...just a thought!

Mornin' people!!

Where's the coffee? donuts? goat milk?

No minivan could hold a seriously dissatisfied goat.


kewenlong - I'd kick ya out myself..but I was wondering how LOW are those shoe prices?? just askin'

I would think that after a couple of meals and the subsequent BMs in the back of that van, there might tend to ba-a-a-a-a-d smell.

Well, minivans are for transporting kids, right?

Don't you think the smell of goat all by itself is enough to make it smell baaaaad?

OT, but related to Baron's sneak attack above:

I was getting my hair done yesterday and the hairdresser decided that she didn't like the music that was playing, so she changed to the XM 70s station, which was playing a Barry Manilow song (don't remember which one). She came out singing to the song and the other hairdresser in the salon and she had this echange (Robin is mine, Adam is the other).

Robin: Hey! Barry Manilow!
Adam: Eww. Barry Manilow!
Robin: What's wrong with Barry Manilow? He must be good- everyone knows his work.
Adam: Everybody knows Adolph Hitler, too.

The next song was "Convoy". Adam got all excited and ran to turn it up.

Robin: Hey- you like this? Don't be giving me sh!t about Barry Manilow.

I was trying not to hurt myself laughing. Then AC/DC came on and shook us all night long.

/end OT

ddd, and you didn't grab the scissors to puncture your eardrums????

WOW..you're a better woman than me...

Is this National Blog an Animal Day or something?

That's not an environment for an animal.

Nor humans. Yet we routinely lock people (sometimes including children) into minivans (and even worse, sedans) for up to several hours at a time for what scientists call "the daily commute". This practice MUST stop.

I didn't want to mess up my hair. Or get blood on my shoes (I had the cute wedges on with braided leather).

You understand.

*SNORK!*@ Reddsuss, and Robin & Adam ('n ddd).

I prefer to keep my goats in a D0dge Ram.

Cheesewiz- EVERYDAY is "blog and animal day" here on the Dave Barry blog!

Cheesewiz- EVERYDAY is "blog an animal day" here on the Dave Barry blog!

I sound like Rain Man. Both posts above, technically, are correct.

ohhh well that's different, ddd! Shoes must not be sacrificed no matter WHAT!

I meant that the shoes had braided leather, not that I was wearing braided leather and the wedges. It's not that kind of salon.


How do they know he was Happy and not constipated?

That goat isn't constipated, she's saying, "Oooooooohhhhh, BARRY!!!!!! "


You say tomato...


Something is wrong here today....

I am not getting smacked for posting clandestine Barry's, and there are people (tmcguinn1) actually swooning over him. Did I wake up in an alternate universe or something today. *darts head around looking for an evil, sadistic Spock*

That wasn't me, it was the goat! I swear!!

Oh-oh M-A-A-Andy!

I'm with ya Baron - just getting back from the 20-minutes or retching. Bring out the hotwax!

*now, which album do I put on next...even now, ultimate manilow, this one's for you, one voice...*

I think tmc fell out of bed several times.

growing up, we had neighbors who kept a pig in the back of a pickup truck. it wasn't an environment for a pig, but since the truck pulled the smoker it was very convenient.

I think she's flirting with disaster. Notice how quiet it's gotten around here?

Does she get to drive in the diamond lane?

("HOV" in other parts of the country, I think. You know, the express lane for for carpoolers.)

Lady, do you know how fast you were goating?

WooHoo, FAW. Hotwax... again, as long as it's from a candle and not a jar, I'm up for that.

As long as she doesn't fall a sheep at the wheel.

How Manilow can you go?

Shirley Weidt? At least she rides around with a shofar (chauffeur).

Oy vey. Why am I explaining all my own jokes today? It's a bad sign. of something.

*SMACKS Baron*

Happy now?? ;-P

Could this get any worse?

FAW - It just did.

Thank you very much, Siouxie. I needed that... especially after the brain bleach treatment I had to self medicate when I opened FAW's little linky.

Is it just me, or do Cher and Barry look alike? Coincidence? I think not!

Scary Spice just had a baby girl. Her real name is Melanie Brown. She claims it is Eddie Murphy's, therefore named it Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Murphy Brown famously hated Barry Manilow. Her son on the show LOVED Barry Manilow. Too many coincidences. It's a plot, I tell you.

I think congress is behind this.

Anytime, Baron...anytime.

this is why animals and people should be seperated.

MtH - I'm guessing I was lucky I couldn't open that at work.

I'll try again later, I'm on my way home. Don't know why it will not work.

um..Mot?? that link didn't work for me...

Well she got her daddy's van
And she cruised through the FFA stand now
Seems she forgot all about the old barn
Like she told her old man now
And with the goat bleating
Goes cruising just as fast as she can now

And she'll have fun fun fun
'Til the cops take the billy goat away
(Fun fun fun 'Til the cops take the billy goat away)

Well the girls can't stand her
'Cause she smells looks and acts like a goat now
(You smell like a goat now you walk like a goat)
She makes the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race now
(You look like a goat now you look like a goat)
A lotta guys try to catch her
But she leads them on a wild goose chase now
(You smell like a goat now you smell like a goat)

And she'll have fun fun fun
'Til the cops take the billy goat away
(Fun fun fun 'Til the cops take the billy goat away)

Well you knew all along
That SPCA was gettin' wise to you now
(You shouldn't have lied now you shouldn't have lied)
And since they took your set of keys
You've been thinking that your fun is all through now
(You shouldn't have lied now you shouldn't have lied)

But you can come along with me
'Cause we gotta a lot of things to do now
(You shouldn't have lied now you shouldn't have lied)

And we'll have fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat
(Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away)
And we'll have Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away
(Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away)
(Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away)
(Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away)
(Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away)
(Fun fun fun now that the cops took the billy goat away)

*SNORKS* and Waves @ Hammie!!!

Fixed Mot's linky

*snork* at shofar joke*

Stevie w, are you an MOT? ;)

(NOT Mot)

Is this National Blog an Animal Day or something?

Posted by: Cheesewiz | 08:35 AM on April 26, 2007

Actually, it's Pretzel Day!

... goat's in mini vans with BM?

*blames Al Gore*

*SNORK* Yeah Hammie

Holy cow (no, sorry, I forgot, this is the goat post).. Well, anyway, I inadvertantly clicked on Dread Pirate Chris' name and IE opened 33 windows trying to connect to him. *&#!, as they say in the funny papers. I had to exit and reen.., um, reconnect to see all other comments, etc... Don't do that again, Chris...

"A farm animal should have the opportunity to graze and exercise,"
Before being slaughtered and eaten?

*Waves @ Siouxie!*

Only 249 days and 14 hours until Tax season again!

Ummm... I just clickecd my name (up ^ there) and sent an email to myself with no problems. Sorry.
Maybe the evil spirit of Manillow is haunting the blog.

This realy gets my goat.

This really gets my goat.

She must keep her chickens in a Mini Cooper.

Baron. You. Are. Evil. And. Must. Be. Stopped.


If you will dress up like that, I would be happy to let you try to stop me... Mistress Diva ;)

DD I think that will only encourage him.

Try this.

Please, encourage me.


oh and Hammie??? WAY up there???

SHADDUP!!!! *smack*

I keep my goat in my pants!

Now Baron, this is supposed to be a punisment. You are not supposed to LIKE IT....

*cracks whip, adjusts bustier*

FAW... Where did you get a picture of Bãrönêss vønKlyff's sister?

Moon - I thought that was only legal in Oaklahoma (and only if you mariied her)?

Moon - I thought that was only legal in Oaklahoma (and only if you married her)?

Mistress Diva, I will pretend that your whipping and Siouxie's smacking are punishments if that helps :) Just please don't tie me down with those leather straps I left lying within easy reach. And please don't spank me with that leather paddle that is coincidentally hanging from the back of the dungeon door.

ooops tried to correct it too late...

*snork* at the double-posting alien...or are you a soap actor, FAW? ;)

Baron, you have been a baa-aaad boy....

*sneaks up with restraints*

Dang, Baron...I keep forgetting that you LIKE it!

I just found the Douglas Adams posting 2 threads over. I love him. Ah, Bãrön - all is forgiven.

*releases restraints*

Bãrön, I must admit that when she is hunting squirrls that she holds her gun with a look of regal splendor.

Mistress Diva, do you want me spread eagle or on my knees?

She is a woman with a gun who looks like she is really enjoying herself.

Oh, and Mistress Diva... OT: On Bãrönêss vønKlyff and my wedding announcement, we used a Douglas Adams quote:

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
- The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
although I lobbied for:
Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.
- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Just , Bãrön...


I said,

Just bend over, Bãrön...

PS - I LOVE Dirk Gently. There's just something kinky about that name....

*bends over and smiles*

*grins evilly*

*hands paddle to the Baroness......*

When you say AARCH, were you meaning this, or were you implying that you left something out (aargh)?

Ready, Baron??

Dadgummed IT bots let me get away with murder, but Siouxie sends me something juicy and it gets bounced *fumes*

Oh... I just read the address, and didn't realize taht my 'juicy' comment was inadvertently correct. Oh, and no thanks to that Siouxie... that is an exit only ;).

Not sure you'd wanna open that one, Baron *EG™*

It's an enema kit...hehe

I figured since you were already bending ovah LOL

Hee, hee, Honey! It's time for the fun!

Diva - can we please have those restraints back?

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

If it's Thursday, this must be Montreal. Why does it look just like home?

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