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April 24, 2007


Still a World Power 

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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How manny swallows were involved?

Were they European or African?

Run away!!!!!

We cannot allow the coconut heresy to spread!

That is causing global warming somehow.

(Hey ... where is everybody? It's the middle of a workday. You should be on the blog!)

Oh. There you are. Please, continue ...

*bangs her coconuts together*


Trying to keep up, Cheryl(otbc) - many posts in the last few minutes!

But were they migratory?

Who turned on the Grail Lamp?

Naughty, bad, evil Zoot!

Do those need a little oil on them, Siouxie?

Ok, I'll go there....

You know the punishment for setting alight the Grail shaped lamp!

Livingston is such a raving lunatic. His claim that London will beat New York in everything is right up there with "I'm not dead yet!" Can someone attend to that? Thanks.

I fart in your general direction!


A spanking! A spanking! (Cue DP Chris...)

Siouxie - take them off before you bang them together. I did.... ;)

Hey, Clark!! don't go on previous thread (Kryptonite)!!!

uh..I mean...not that it'll hurt you or anything...

Ah, the delights of Castle Anthrax, my home away from home....

WOO HOOO!! a spanking psychic simul, CH!!!

Woo! A simulspank with Siouxie! Gosh, it's been too long, sweetie! *smooch*

*takes the handoff from CH...*

A spanking! And then...
The oral s3x!

CH - Your wife will NOT be pleased about this.... *quirks eyebrow*

You give de limey de coconuts, you knock 'em both together...

Okay, that was a little scary. ;-) A near-miss meta psychic simul.

Oooh! DPC...I [b]knew[/b] there was a reason I always had a thing for pirates.

*vigorously fans nether regions*

Diva, CH and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back ;-)

Mrs. Hands has given me permission to wax spank torture play with CH.

*smooooooooooochies back*

Ummmm...DANGED BOT...yeah, right...it was the BOT's fault.

OK, so it was my fault. *perks up* Hey! I need a spanking!

Spanking hand at the ready!

A shrubbery?

So many bottoms, so little time!

Oooh, jon - you just KNEW what I needed, didn't you? *wink*

Everyone needs one every now & then. Isn't that right, Siouxie?

or so I hear, jon...

*packs up her whip & waxing kit and heads home*

Laters...I am outta here! (for now).

1) Let me have just a little bit of perril?

2) Livingston's father was a hamster and his mother smelled of elderberries.

4) I burst my pimples at Sheryl Crow and call her one-square request a silly thing. Tiny-brained
wiper of other people's bottoms!

Bye, Sio!

Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot.
He was not afraid to die, O brave Sir Robin!
He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways,
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin!
He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp,
Or to have his eyes gouged out, and his elbows broken;
To have his kneecaps split, and his body burned away;
And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin!

His head smashed in and his heart cut out
And his liver removed and his bowels unplugged
And his nostrils raped and his bottom burned off
And his pen--

Come on, jon - a little harder. It's only a flesh wound! ;)

Of course, with the proper cheese-eating surrender monkey accent, that becomes "whipper of uzzer piple's bottoms."

*snork* Hammie's Python, which WBAGNFARenaissanceB.

Can someone please tell me why, if I have signed up for a stupid TypeKey account, I STILL have to go through the razzafrazzin captcha for every bloody post?!

Proper accent heard here.

I should have listened to your warning about the previous thread, Siouxie! Now I have the image of Rosie O'Donnell's behind burned on my retinas....

Compared to that Kryptonite isn't so bad....

Just lucky, DeskDiva. All of us have the bot on our a$$ every now and then.

See, you wrap the kryptonite in a burrito, then ask Captain America to hold it for you... . Now worries.

A Londoner is a clapping soul,
As free as a coconut tree,

His limp-wristed (NTTAWWT) hand should be ready to resist
A New York Record Set.
His nose should drip and his lip should curl,
His cheeks should pale and his brow should recede,
His gut should droop and his heart should race,
And his arm be ever ready for a Coc'nut Clap.

His eyes should dull with the constant fog,
His brow with milk be wrung;
He should've bowed down to a domineering frown,
And the sass of a New York tongue.
His nuts should clap and his body bounce,
His teeth should diverge and his jowls should
His eyes should dull and his breath smell bad,
And this should be his nut clapping attitude.

I thought the whole point of signing in was to AVOID that confounded contraption!

*hands brain bleach to Clark*
*waves at Hammie*

Robin: Er, That's ... That's enough music for a while, lads. It looks as though like there's dirty work afoot.

*is so glad that he took the precaution of re-watching Monty Python's Holy Grail just the other day... *

What in Camelot is that enormous gelatinous blob in the left background? mud, is that you?

*back home!*

LMAO Hammie!!

"uh..that's enough music for now, lads!"
(btw, David Hyde Pierce was BRILLIANT playing that part in Spamalot).

Clark, see?? even Superman a mild-mannered reporter such as you needs to be careful every now and then.

Whoops! Ducky, sorry...did not read your post up there! ;-)

*takes coconuts and bangs them on head*


*takes coconuts away from Siouxie, uses juice to make pina coladas*

Here, Siouxie, this'll make your head feel better.
*hands Siouxie a pina colada*

Anyone else?

ooooooooooo pina coladas!! and it's part of my "fruity drink" diet.

Thanks, Ducky!

*snork* ham and BRFKM

Hey deskdiva, could it be your annoyingbutnecessary/security/McAfeetypeprogram, maybe you need to add the blog address to your safe cookie list?

Yeah. Thanks, Ducky!

*goes out to get caught in the rain*

Naw, it's the evil bot. Bot doesn't care if you're Gawd Himself (or even Ridley!), it'll still clamp onto your butt and ride you like a cheap pony if it doesn't like the cut of your jib.

(Did I stuff enough metaphors into the Blogblender? Sorry about the aftertaste in y'all's fruity drinks...)

Mmmm... pina colada...

Goodness, ddiva! *passes pina colada and towel*

It's raining?

Still watching, DD. (just hope no one walks by...)

Why would cookies make me have to go to the captcha page to prove I'm a person...?

Oh, yeah, Siouxie - it's raining...!

Scott - ditto... ;_


OMG, those men from 300 are tooooooooo delicious!!


That was supposed to be a ;)


*whistles innocently*

Sio - what's not to love? Sweaty men, leather, hair....OOOh, baby!

As for getting "absolutely soaking wet," well. Ahem.

Thanks bookbabie.

I was starting to think parodying the HMS Pinafore might not be funny.

I got my *snork*, I can go home happy now.

THANK YOU for 5:46 link!

*belated snork* @ exMatt

Isn't it about moving time, exMatt?

XMatt - anytime I can be of service, you just let me know, 'K? ;)

And of all people, I should have picked up on the G&S bit. *thunks head* That was great. Pinafore is always funny. :)

DD: That's exactly what my gay friends said! NTTIAWWT

That last one was re: 5:58

And they are corrrrrrrrrrrrect, Scott!

Hee hee. At least I know if a gay man likes what I like, I have good taste. :)

Yep. Packing, using my last couple days at work to set up homeowners insurance, finalize loan details, etc. I'm going to be in therapy while I pack tonight.

If everything goes well, we close on the 27th, if not, either the 1st or 4th.

I'm gonna miss you guys the next few days.

*sniff sniff*

Siouxie, quit with the rolled Rs. You're making me hunggggggry!

And we will miss you too, Ex-Matt!!

No, Siouxie, don't stop! You're making me hungry!

Ken Livingstone's a witch!!!

No, he's pretty much a whale. So if you threw him into the pond, he'd float.

{{{{XMatt}}}} <--- That's a hug with a little wiggle in it.


oops...off to the gym!

tata's for now!


Don't whale's also burn?

Scott - I'm sure she meant coconuts for now.

*snork* @ CH's witchhunt tactics.

Don't worry, Scott - I'm here. I still have that purely therapeutic massage for you, too....

Happy moving, exMatt! We'll see you after you settle into your new digs!

Whales explode, don't they? Messily?

Purely therapeutic? Ah, well, I guess that'll have to do.

CH, at least in Oregon, they do.

Hey Ducky!!! just miss ya :-)

(((Jazzzzie))) Miss you, too! I eagerly await your stories from the Masters!

Interestingly, Jazzzz, Jamaal Anderson looks at least possible, this weekend....

Anybody still out there?

just us newbies.....

nuttin wrong wit newbies! we all were newbies once.

Ducky..............coming soon....been real busy since return !!
CJ...hello old friend... Jamaal hey??? Do we like this?? Thanks for the info
Wyo.....d@mn, We're glad you're back!!
I hear my pillow calling.............niters

WYOOOOOOOOOOOO! How are things?

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