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April 24, 2007


(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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He'll be getting more bars where he's going.

can you jail me now?

...on his cell phone...

Oooh! A crossgirl simul! My morning is now complete.

Apparently his bozone™ layer was particularly impenetrable that day.

ohhh Baron, I love it when you talk dem big wurds!!

macroleximorphemes™ are my specialty, Siouxie.


my new favorite word is toevage.

"I show plenty of toevage when I wear my strappy sandals."

Although, I haven't seen tour toevage, I am sure that it is incredible. It is great to know, though, that there are a few female palabraphiles vocabulating on the blog, although I would think that that could become a jobstacle if done on a regular basis.

*sneaks back to change tour to your (not you're)

um...I try not to vocabulate while working - what with the buzzzing sound and all ;-)

Well I guess it rang true that he was a thief.
My question is does he still get to make one call?

Ohh, Fancy new Umlauts.

Ooooooh. Someone trying to get us back on topic, eh Miss Nemo. Well it won't work. Blogorrhea has already taken this to a new and more intertwangled state.

Does this remind anyone else of snicklets? (At least I think that's what they were called....)

Oops. It's sniglets. Now I remember. Snicklets is what happens when you giggle while chewing small square pieces of gum....

Does that make him a kleptomanphoniac?

DD: Sniglets, if I recall correctly. My favorite was genderplex - the feeling of confusion when the themed bathroom signs at restaurants don't tell you where to go. E.g. Do I go in Turtles or Tortoises?

Is this the party from whom I am stealing?

Great Scott! Turtles and tortoises? What the heck kinda restaurants do you go to?! And can I come too?

Ah phooie, there went the topic! It just flew out the
oh well,
What the shell kinda bathroom has a tortoise on it?

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