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April 23, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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FIRST non-Postal Annex employee to giggle.

I bet next time they bring switchblades and accidentally stab themselves...

LOL Tammy or a squirt gun

Aren't "giggle" and "Postal" antonyms?

*taking their advice to always take armed robbery seriously*

Red scarf. Didnt have a serious voice?

Was his hair in a ponyhawk?

Off American Idol one week and he has already turned to a life of crime. Truely sad!

pogo - only on days ending in "y"...

hey, mr. postman, laugh at me!
this is a stickup, you're not on t.v
this knife is real, though it's not easy to use
i'm sure we'll all be on the local news!

you'd think that they would cower when i
waved my knife; i'm a bada$$ guy
who would have known those guys were poor
civil servants without a thing to live for!


Charlotte??... I thought for sure it would be Amsterdam...

Why is that photo related to the story?

It looks like it's from the French Presidential Election.

Tonight on C0medy Central: America's Funniest Armed Robberies!

Right after Survivor.

LOL very good, insom!

This reminded me of a story from a couple months ago. A guy tried to rob a donut shop in Bloomington, IN. The girl working just looked at him and said "you're kidding, right?"... then someone drove up and he left.

I bet those criminals will accidentaly turn themselves in pretty soon.

Wait a minute. I was supposed to take robbery attempts seriously when I was a convenience store clerk? I didn't laugh, but I pulled out a then-legal knife and said "I'm not in the mood!"

I ended up having to bring out the mop and clean up a puddle on the floor where the idiot was standing. The police appreciated the warning that they needed to put something down on the back seat when they hauled him in after he tried to rob another establishment.

Years ago a guy tried to rob a bank in NYC, but the teller couldn't read his note. She started picking on his handwriting, asking other tellers to help her read it. Demoralized, the guy finally left.

This was before Woody Allen used something similar in a movie.

"I have a gub, apt naturally"

gimme all your 2¢ stamps...

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