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April 09, 2007


Key Quote: Police said the busted driver first shoplifted pepperoni and string cheese from the store after he couldn't find Hot Pockets for his pregnant girlfriend, who was waiting in the GMC. Then he stole the stereo and brought it back because "it was not of high quality."

(Thanks to Kevin Servick)


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I hope his pregnant girlfriend didn't choke on the RFID security tag.

that pepperoni and cheese were in his pocket to impress his girlfriend...

I so hate it when someone steals my pepperoni.... It always happens just when I have one the right size.

I wonder why that guy didn't have a job?

Clearly, he should have stolen from a customer at Target.

Tyler McIntyre is awesome

Deskdiva - next time hold on tight to your pepperoni and you won't lose it.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Clearly not an issue here.

In this case, a mind is a terrible thing.

Who gnu that WallyMart is now running flashing yellow light specials?

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