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April 26, 2007


Why was this blog not informed about this?

(If you did inform the blog about this, and the blog paid no attention, rest assured that judi will be rehired for the express purpose of being refired)


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OUCH! No fair!!

After being on that website, I feel so...contaminated.

Barry looks like he got hit in the face by Hugh Grant's can of baked beans. REPEATEDLY. Very unfortunate.

Has anyone ever mentioned he looks like a velociraptor?

Hammie - you can have my first.

Why do all actors think they're comedians?

And can I just say I'm disappointed that this was a verbal fight hundreds of miles apart? I was hoping for serious bloodshed.

When can we schedule a Celebrity Death Match.

Should I hope for a draw?

This should be on the front page of every newspaper! It's outrageous!


Forget the eye bleach..get me some acid!

Barry looks like he got hit in the face by Hugh Grant's can of baked beans. REPEATEDLY.

Not that it would be entirely undeserved...

Barry looks like he got hit in the face by Hugh Grant's can of baked beans. REPEATEDLY.

Mmmkay, so which pic is Barry's and which is Sharon's?

Cruel, and unusual.

The blog has violated the Eighth Amendment.

Dave, things are getting past you. I can't believe you have yet to comment on this article.

Oh, my...especially since Sharon's had work done herself.
People who give to cash houses shouldn't know Stone.

Val - look.
-things are getting past YOU. ;)

Doesn't a cat-fight usually require two participants? I mean, she was being catty but since he wasn't even there and didn't even personally respond it seems more like shooting fish in a barrel.

you weren't advised because every time someone mentions that name, a kitten dies. shame on you!

Ah, Scott. But it's soooo easy shooting fish in a barrel...and sooo much fun when they all look like BM....

Of course, we love shooting fish in a barrel, here - do it all the time! (But we don't get caught. AFAIK)

Psychic pseudo-simul w/Diva!!!

I'm AAALLL a-flutter, Scott. :) Two in two days? It's more than any girl can handle....

However, did she really need to do it at the expense of a music legend like "Copacabana" crooner Barry Manilow?

In a word: YES!


Annie, those are two different little-old-lady stories. The one I linked to is about the 1944 Miss America who held an intruder at gunpoint while balancing on her walker.

Val - She wasn't to bad looking in 1944

Throws another o up ^

Didn't Ms. Stone already show us her true colors in Basic Instinct or are we to now assume that was a dye job?

*SNORK!* at Lairbo

Oops - sorry, Val. Old ladies with guns all look the same to me. I had read about one in Kentucky shooting out the theives' tires. I didn't realize there was a plague o' rampagin' grannies.

do-si-do that 'i' and 'e' in 'thieves.' My spellchecker is on sabbatical.

Looking at Sharon Stone's photo, I have to wonder. Is it just me or is she turning into David Bowie?

ms stone showing her true anythings...snorksnork. this is a major dustup. it should replace twitney and linsey and all those others in the tabs. i mean, this is WAR.

Annie, you have the story exactly right! The Miss America was in KY (not jelly) and shot the guys tires out, etc. The story on the blog was about a little old lady who had lived to 102 and refused to eat vegetables or something like that. Woo! I'm getting dizzy! lol!

huh huh, i like Kentucky Jelly

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