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April 23, 2007


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Another candidate for what - doofus of the week?

YAY Cheryl!! those are the onions you sent me, right???

sbelle, I think that's what's missing up there ;-)

"State Marine Mammal: Orca"

Apparently important enough to mention twice in their little side table there!

just makes me want to cry...

another sign that we don't give politicians enough real work to do.......

*Proposes bill to make State Symbol Designation the Official State Pursuit of the Washington State Legislature*

Now, now, these poor folks are having to make do with a third rate Vidalia knock off.

Hemlock, Petrified wood, Steelhead

Does anyone else see a strange pattern here?


CJ, calm down! have a walla walla gumball ;-)

Dave, thanks for using the word legislator. This morning on a local talk radio show there was a woman "expert" being interviewed. She kept saying, "contact your local legislature's office and speak to him or her." She must have said it 50 times. By the time I got to the office my throat was sore from screaming at the radio.

Onion soup, anybody???

*sets pot down on table, gets croutons and cheese*

"official head veggie"? What the heck happened to good old American cucumbers?

"State Marine Mammal: Orca"

Jethro, there's a typo - the 2nd mention should be "State MarineR Mammal: Orca". Have you seen the size of some of those Seattle Mariner fans?

Hi Annie!!!

It sure is a lovely day here in Red Sox Nation New England!

Geez, to have an onion named after a town in your state must be a very big deal there in Washington state....

rut roh!!!

*runs and hides now*

Let the walla wallas fly!!

Mr. Blog - Any info on who will be joining you at the RBR show in June? (Not that your Blogness and Steven King aren't enough for me, but the boy wants to know if Lemony Snicket will be with you this time around)

OK, how can a Killer Whale be a state critter? Don't they have to live in the state? I would think that they would start to stink after the second day.

Hammond - have you been to a mall in Seattle? Trust me, thar they blow!

Punkin - enjoy the Spring while you can. You'll be "Falling" soon enough. I'm sure you remember the large sucking sound when Varitek got hurt last year. Our dear sweet Posada comes back today, so....tick, tick, tick. :)


Yes, Annie - I know how it goes......so just let me gloat now, for tomorrow I wallow....

Punkin, I'll "walla" with ya ;-)

Sio (from waaaay up there) Yes.

Also. Walla Walla Onion flavored gumballs? I think I'll hold out for some of their other agricultural products. Yum.

At least they they got the "vegetable" part right and didn't call it the state fruit. Of course, The State Fruits WBAGNF any state legislature.

How appropriate that the momentum for this came from a class in EATonville...

there's a state vegetable in all 50 states and the district of columbia.... i think the state vegetable in calee-fawnia is ronald raygun. [oh--dont throw any onions]

LTTG: I believe Dave meant that the bill's sponsor would be another good choice for "State Vegetable."

*snork* @ DPC's State Fruits.

Orcas are mammals, so they can be out of the water for a while, but probably not all that long.

I always thought Walla Walla was a town in Australia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walla_Walla,_New_South_Wales) but one lives and learns.

Question. If Onion is going to tbe the official state vegetable, what will be the official state breath freshener?

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