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April 25, 2007


(Thanks to CJrun)


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Can someone put one of those carbon-filter pads in the black hole's tighty-whitey, please?

wonders who will be the FIRST astronaught to try to light one.

I thought most gaseous emissions came from black holes...oh and Al Gore.

ok, not first. but first to spell astronaut wrong. *hangs head in shame.*

crossgirl, maybe you were thinking of that naughty psychonaut??

It was the dog, Dave. Relax.

Mud! Please excuse yourself.

oh and YAY!! CJ!!

psssssst CH?? I flashed ya waaaaaay back there...did that wake you up??

told ya so

It's cosmic polution. Who will the EcoFreakos sue over this?

“For example, what kind of mechanism could create a cloud of such enormous dimensions that does not coincide with any single galaxy or galaxy cluster?


*starts working on Nobel Prize acceptance speech*

Thanks, Siouxie! I needed that! Bracing, it were!

It's near the Coma Cluster.... must be a REALLY bad one to put the cluster in that state...

Ugh. Coma cluster. Worst area of the Messier List to complete. ALL of the ones I have left to do are over there; only really accessible in the springtime, which is, shall we say, not the ideal time for observing in the PNW.

/astrogeek rant

Clean Hands, what exactly are you doing. Examining each Messier List object for fun?

Uh, yeah? And sketching them, too. trying to earn my Messier Pin.

uh...er...yeah, CH. sure.

Here, have a gumball.

...collective sigh of several supermassive black holes, scientists say.

Sweet! I get to use the word "supermassive" in sentences now, and it's all scientifical and stuff.

"I wish I could walk faster, but Jenny's supermassive behind is blocking the hallway."

"I'm sorry, sir, the reason I look like an antelope stampede is that I have a supermassive hangover."

"Hey baby, I may not be supermassive, but calling it a light switch with peach fuzz is just not fair."

Cool CH! More effort than this backyard observer wants to put in. Are you following this story?

Uh-huh! Just read it a few minutes ago.... COOLNESS!!!!!

*is encouraged that Stephen Hawking is said to have remarked about warp drive technology, "I'm working on that..."*

I am, fivver. I'm just glad Heather Mills has been kicked booted let go from DWTStars.

oh...not that story?? sorry. carry on.

*Supermassive snork* @ Fed Duck!

CH, I'm waiting to hear back from my daughter, the astrogeologist, on that newly found planet.

*looks awestruck at fivver*


*snork* @ canis major, CH.

*supermassive SNORK* @ Federal Duck!!

supermasssive ^5 to JD! :-D

Can they legally describe this new planet as "Class M"? Or would that violate a copyright that Gene ('s estate) holds?

It could also be from a big poker party

TDPC - I think Gene borrowed M from the astronomers. My only question is at 5X Earth's mass what would the surface gravity be?

About 2 gravities, fivver. So I'd weigh.... enough to really collapse my arches.

And the thirteen day year means I'd actually be *carry the 47* 1,452 and a half years old.

FeDuck *snork*! [said with the meter of 'BaDum-dum']

"Mud! Please excuse yourself."

i'm excused.

the 'big bang' theory
the fabric of the cosmos
is rent, in tatters

shouldn't have had it
and washed it down with cold beer
'big bang burrito'

humble beginnings
eventually my ass
will make history



CH, do you know the correct pronunciation of "Gliese?"

"Coma Cluster" WBAGNFA captive audience at a nursing home. Or the entertainment, for that matter.

*wishes he had the time to play with the other astrogeeks, but has to go to work now*


*booking travel plans to Gliese 581 for our 200th anniversary*

*snork* @ CH's arches.

Whoa - does this new big planet make me look fat?

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