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April 25, 2007


...to this motorist.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Golly, I wonder why she's divorcing him.
*blink, blink*

Well, I'm sure the truck started smoking first, before he did...

Was he going to use the cigarette to light the gas soaked rags and um...other things near and dear to his heart?

I hope he makes someone a lovely wife in prison.

I think I hear a country song coming on.

*snork* @ Addicted!

She broke mah heart,
So Ah busted her jaw.
Ah needed a smoke,
Cuz Ah didn't have chaw.

*SNORK*!! @ tha both of yous.

Man, I'm glad I'm not 48 anymore. It can be a tough year for us guys.

I do like the headline: "Man denied smokes allegedly rams house"

"No, sir, I do not allege that those cigarettes rammed the house. It was the truck."

I'm just glad they weren't gas Kanisters.
Or a gas-soaked evil Chinese subplot.

Yeah, fud - that was a Chloe's call.

Sometimes you feel like a butt...

Nicotine is still not addictive, though.

*snork* at Scott. 49, eh?


...it was a ver-y good year....

Diva - I prefer to think of it as 7 squared. :-)

Hey, fud - this might make a good action scene on 24, tho. Picture it....Awwwwdrey's in the house right next to where the truck hurtles through the wall.... CUT TO flaming wall.

I am not loving Firefox right now.

I don't think Scott remembers what 48 was like.

I think 24 needs to search for terrorists in "My Name is Earl" country. Couldn't be any worse than now. A few ideas, many of them budget-cutters:
-replace suitcase nukes with cowpies
-replace Audrey with fencepost
-perimeter secured using barbed wire
-high speed chase scenes --> tractor pulls
-Chloe gets to wear spurs

I think I kilt the blog.

Ouch! 7 is a MITE young for me, Scott.... ;)

Annie, I remember it like it was just last month (which it was).

Diva, me too!

*snorks*@ Phil and Connor McDuct!

A warning, CJ, before you try that at home - notice the absence of leg hair - directly related to the usage of duct tape. Scots are a tough bunch.

I'd walk a mile for a Camel, or drive through a house for a Kool?

sorry, just doesn't have a ring to it, does it?

Oh, no, Annie, I'm not going to duct tape my legs.... Oh, you said Scots. Never mind.

*eyeroll* for Scott.

I believe it was NOT a Lucky Strike.

once again, Annie, you've made me grin.

Probably not America's favorite cigarette break, either, was it?

I Kent understand why he'd do that...

jamester, please don't say, "you Winston, you lose some."

Of course not. That wouldn't be Cool at all...

Oof, it looks like it's time for me to go home. I'd rather fight than snork.

does it reflect my age, when I mention that I really miss White Owl commercials on TV?

*sings, "The minute you walked in the joint..."*

"I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender..."

"Hey, Big Spender! spend, a little time with me."

The Winston animated ones were good too. I recall a basketball player sayin' "I wish you'd swallow your whistle." for some reason I always thought that one was funny.

OMG, is the bus loading? Let me get my walker and my Herbert Tarrytons.

Wyo, I missed that one. It does sound funny!

Wow! It's amazing what you can find when you look.


can't do linky thing

Ubetcha, I'll get on the bus as soon as I can figure out what I did with my teeth.

ubetcha's link

Wyo, good to see ya. Reminds me of when I was in high school working at a convalescent home. We sent a guy to the funeral home without his teeth and the family complained, so we sent over a set that had been found under a bed a year before.

It's next to your hearing aid, Wyo. ;-)

I guess you had to be there.

Nice to "see" you too, Ubetcha, I worked for a nursing home for three years, we either found them (you name it) in the laundry, or in the toilet tank.

such sweet memories.

I hate to admit it, but I remember a lot of those Cigarette ads.

Me too, Wyo. My mother smoked Raleighs just for the coupons, and I started on Old Gold for the same reason. Don't get me started on S&H Green Stamps.

Oh, I had forgotten "paging Philip Morris..."

But I remember "I'd rather fight than switch!"

I have still got my mother's silver flatware, earned by S&H Green Stamps. Lots of $.29 gas. got a set from Betty Crocker too. Lots of Cheerios and Bisquick.

Hey, y'all! That's one o' MY songs. Don't you be singin' without me!


Do you wanna have fun?
How's about a few ... laughs?
I can show you a ... good time!

Ubetcha - how about TV stamps - the yellow ones? We got them when I was a kid. Lord knows how many of them my mom went through.


Yes! Green Stamps! I still can taste them...

BTW, Wyo, I answered your reading question 'way back on the England thread. I forgot to mention CS Lewis!

Hey Big Spender...
SPEND a little tiiiiiime with me!!

It sure is sweet to be back on the blog.

does anyone remember the cig. commercial with the girl (in her late teens/early twenties) on a swing?

the stuff of dreams.

... (cont'd) I think it must have been a Salem spot.

KB, I remember yellow stamps, but can't relate them to TV. I don't recall where they came from.

Thanks, Ducky, I'd have missed your answer. Did you ever read Grisham's Bleachers?

I am a huge Patrick O'Brian fan.


*borrows El's zipper™*

I am watching "Idol Gives Back"...a benefit for kids both in Africa and the US. IF you're watching as well and can donate, please do so. It's for a very good cause.

*gives El her zipper back*

Wyo, this one?


ubetcha's link

ubetcha, Holy Crap wow!! that's it!! you just made my day month!

Thank you DD. Some day I'll get off my butt and try to do that.

I'm honored Wyo. Truly. (and I still smoke - Trues)

"Smoothed with menthol, softened with fresh air..."

"Salem softness freshens your breath...."

WTFBBQICU????!!!! Clearly from BEFORE the truth in advertising laws.

I know - that's how they got us hooked. It was KOOL.

Wyo, I really liked Bleachers, and I'm a HUGE football fan! Haven't read O'Brian--I'll have to give him a try.

Have to flap off for a little while!

And you ran pell mell Pall Mall to the corner smokeshack to buy a pack.

I think our boy Winston will start out with the nick name of Kool in prison then as time goes by it will change to Virgina Slim. Finally I guess it will just be shortened to Butts.

Hoping to make a Lucky Strike.

Or Mrs. Butts as the case may be....

From now on when he is asked if he wants shorts or longs it will have a whole new meaning.


ubetcha, does this make any sense to you??

(click on the word "this" in the above post, it should have been blue)


Trying to help ubetcha, by pointing out HTML directions for adding a link.

seems to be a little too difficult for me to accomplish tonight.

(good beer, you know)

I'll try again: click here

Nice try, wyo, and I thank you. I have some directions somewhere but they were too hard to figure out (good vodka).

It's simple once you get it, but to try to type it in so someone else can see how to do it is difficult, because the computer automatically changes it to a link. I've tried to write it out in different ways, but when I preview it, it either doesn't show up, or it becomes a link to an example.

I must be too old.

"Winston taste's good, like a cigarette should."

Sorry - typed before I clicked your link. That one looks easier, but it's still Geek to me. Can you insert a jpeg the same way?

I feel so left out, I want to make puns with you guys, but I just don't know enough about cigarettes. I guess I'll just sit here and cry. All alone... Abandoned by the world...

Oh, and a word to you gals, you do not want to know which wikipedia article this quote comes from.

"Gersuny tried paraffin injections in 1889, with disastrous results. Subsequently, in the early to mid-1900s, a number of other substances were tried, including ivory, glass balls, ground rubber, ox cartilage, Terylene wool, gutta-percha, Dicora, polyethylene chips, polyvinyl alcohol-formaldehyde polymer sponge (Ivalon), Ivalon in a polyethylene sac, polyether foam sponge (Etheron), polyethylene tape (Polystan) or strips wound into a ball, polyester (polyurethane foam sponge) Silastic rubber, and teflon-silicone prostheses"

Breast implants. What do I win?

Edgar, it must be past my bed time.

Oh, and ewwww.

Why mess with what God gave ya? Easy for me to say, but still, anything more than a handful (or mouthful) really is wasted.

Nothing. I'd give you an ivory implant, but it seems a waste of an elephant.

ubetcha, a jpeg can be added, if it's already posted on the web.

perhaps I could post a jpeg with instructions on it one day soon, but not tonight.


I think I'll stick with my AA's thanks.

We've come a long way, baby.

And Edgar, you were looking up breast implants -- why?

He wants a set of his own.....

I was hoping not...

They'd be readily available at any time, day or night. No waiting, no headaches, makes sense, really.

NTTAWWT and all, but I picture the girl in the pit and the breast shirt thing, and well . . . it's past my bedtime too.

I was looking up the history of them. It suddenly occurred to me to find out who the idiot was that decided he could get people to pay him to stick stuff under there.

I can't perform an implant, but would be glad to inspect/approve someone else's work if required.

just sayin'.

I'm sure you would, Wyo! ;)

EG, I would not want to be inside your mind. On the other hand, whoever he was (Gersuny I presume), I hope he holds a patent.

Now we know it was Robert Gersuny.

Wyo, back to old commercials . . .

Did she, or didn't she? Only her plastic surgeon knows for sure.

He died. His polyethylene chips cracked his glass balls.

He was an army surgeon.

*snork* @ ubetcha

they do build some pretty darned good push-up bras now, don't they?

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