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March 26, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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That doesn't sound quite kosher to me. (First?)


What the heck are jew talking about.

Well, he could have converted the bus into a giant gefilte fish pot.

"Hassidim, but I don't believe 'em." -- Paulie Walnuts

Instead of a burning bush, we get a burning bus!

The meals on the bus go round and round...

Winternitz. The kids bring those home from school, but we use the special shampoo and they're gone.

Next stop - the Nevele!
Thank you, you've been vonderful.

How is Rid doing? We hardly here about him anymore.

WriterDude, the pic I just sent you maybe makes us look a little less like refugees from the deep South.

Hey Annie - How's the weather out there???

Warm here today - 46!

At least no one has made a joke yet about hiring a busboy.

"hey that bus just drove right by me! you might say it passed me over!"

Thanks, Mot -- just got it. Will put it up right after picking up The Grrl from karate class and grabbing a bit of dinner. Must run -- thanks again!

*kosher snorks* at everyone!

Every day I make these for you
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
I’m mixing the dough with lots of schlmaltz, too
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
Use my oven? It’s way too small
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
Can’t handle all these matzoh balls
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)

Hey, inspector, there’s no need to snoop
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
Just baking dumplings for my soup
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
You don’t need to cause no fuss
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
Cuz I cook in my Matzo Bus
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)

I would have to bake night and day
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
But this oven holds all my trays
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
Heats evenly, despite those wheels
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)
It’s poifect for our Passover meals
(Too much, the Matzo Bus)

a veritable schnorklefest @ just ducky & insom! Yer killin' me here!

OY! @ Ducky LOL

or as the Jewbans say...OYE!!!

Lol, y'alls! Good song, jd.

Kosher bakin'? Who knew?

*SNORK!*@ Davele (why is this bus different? - har!), Insomniach, and the little Ducky shiksa.

Seder goodnight, Gracie, I'm goyim to bed.

Uh, I think there may be something wrong with my eyes...

Maybe someone could have a look?

Aw, thanks, y'all! Mazeltov! And *snoik* @ Meanie!

The magical matzoh bus is waiting to bake, oy vey!

Lol, marfie, and who could forget that two-hit-plus a-7-up-commercial-wonder, the Cyrkle?

Jews never cared for eclairs or croissants
To Jews they're just a novelty, something to try once
Bagels and dark pumpernickle, that's our kind of bread
Stollen with nuts for a treat and whipped cream cheese to spread

Well I think the bus will be alright
Yeah, it's for Passover now
The morning sun is shining like
A big matzoh ball.

So this matzoh is coacher for Passover?

*waves at her stomping grounds in Spring Valley*

*unleavened snorks at Ducky and Stevie W.*

it has to do with the same reason that this (k)night is different from all other (k)nights!

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