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March 26, 2007


(Via Gizmodo)


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Ok...they could have used the microwave...

Laser Coffee. Now there's a FIRST!

Well a second anyway.

Nothing like the smell of fresh coffee and molten metal to start the day.

And Sioux, what's the point of making instant coffee (Ewwww) if don't don't use the cool laser?

My hubby sticks with his tried & true (yet extremely revolting) college way of making coffee - pour three teaspoons of instant coffee into a glass, add one inch of lukewarm tap water, swirl to mix (there WILL be undissolved chunks), toss back.

I have to leave the room when he does this - EVERY morning.


... wonders idly how many taxpayer dollars each of those cups of coffee cost ... and how many personal dollars it would cost to get one of those in his office ...

eeekkk, Punkin!

Oh yeah, Edgar...I forget..it's gotta look cool...


I believe this was how Bruce Banner went wrong...

*Makes note to start adding water to instant coffee*

*Wonders if water would make instant soup taste better?*

It doesn't have to look cool. I mean espresso machines don't look nearly as cool as lasers, but they make good coffee.

Teapot and plastic spoon and Sanka, don't look cool, and don't make good coffee.

Here the coffee still tastes like sludge, but you gotta admire the laser.

Loved the comment from the dolt suspecting that this made the coffee "radiactive"...

Oh and Laser Coffee is Reason #29 for Choosing the Hard Science.

(Reason #28 is on my blog, but it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, so I won't link to it. You can click my name and find it yourself.)

@ Hammie & Dr.Poo

Gotta had it to ya Edgar, that looks like one exciting conference...

i agree. instant coffeee, ewwww. pa-tooey. what, the microwave isnt fast enough for these rocket scientists? moveit, moveit! i dont have all minute for this!

*signing up for the 'hands on' experience*

actually...a few eons ago that conference would have been exciting to me.

Punkin Poo,
I never did the instant coffee trick in college, but we did use a hairdryer to thaw out cold cuts from our little mini fridge....

If done properly, you could heat your meat and dry your hair at the same time...

(Wait.... that sounded strange)

Ladies please, this is a guy thing, yes, the microwave is faster but laser coffee scores a brazilian points on the cool scale.

What's funny is, we still - 20 years after college - get the occasional phone call from other alumni who have had a recent disgusting coffee experience, and it "instantly" brings Dr. Poo to mind!

It's a fitting legacy....Mr. Poo's middle name - I kid you not - is "Folger".

(Named after some Nantucket relative long dead who was a cousin of Ben Franklin)

Off to Dunkin Donuts.....

I guess they are simultaneously testing the safety of said coffee.

Edgar- I want to come to the April 1st meedting, but I have limited funds and should choose between Digestive Disease Week, Renal week, or Steve Miller Band

Bring me some chocolate glazed donuts!!!

Oh - and I'm DEFINITELY showing Mr Poo the laser video...I'd rather have radioactive waste in the kitchen than his nuclear-java waste.

*adds chocolate glazed donuts to list for Siouxie*

Anybody else???

Oh, and did I mention how the remaining coffee sludge slowly oozes back down the side of the glass?

"Dunkin' Punkin"? Sounds like a new dessert at Fridays.

Mmmmmmmmmm.............eat me........

*tee hee*

ddd, a double scoop too ;-)

Oh, and maybe I need new glasses, but I'm pretty sure the bot is starting to use Huttese characters. It took 4 tries the last time, and the one I got right started with "kkk".

I'll have some Munchkins®! Thanks! Here's a $20.

You're dunkin Punkin's munchkins? Sounds kinky....

Reportedly, after several cups of coffee the "scientist" tried to force Juan Valdez into the Laser Disseminator.

And here is the kicker...Juan was not really there!

these dorks don't realize it yet, but we're replacing their regular brand of coffee with laser heated instant! let's watch now...

As the Most Honorable Mayor of Munchkinland, I must protest this cruel and barbarous treatment of my citizens. I have lodged a complaint with Glinda the...
No! Not hot coffee! AAAAAAAAHHHH!

*imagines what the lazer could do to jello*

The warning label on the laser reminded me of a sign I saw in a laboratory:


or dropped handbags (or the blokes who drop 'em)

*snork* at crossgirl


I also kinda like the way they've "repaired" the windows in the laser machine with masking tape ...

and ... didja notice they din't clean up the boil-over spill/mess?

Intelligence sources say that Iranian college students are a year or less away from deploying a similar device of their own, to be fueled with instant coffee enriched in hidden underground roasting complexes. If that is true, then weapons grade instant coffee bombs could be menacing the Middle East for years to come.

LOL Meanie!

This requires mobilization of our military krullers and sweet buns.

And they don't stand a chance against the mighty Starbucks.

Punkin, can I get a Coffee Coolata? (sp) WITH whipped cream. Thanks

ddd, I'll take some of those sweet buns...thank you.

Judi will want some, too. I can't taste them, since Mr. ddd would not approve, but I can admire them from afar....

ddd - The Secretary of the United Nations, Coffee Anan, has urged that all diplomatic steps be taken first, beginning with reading this.

Our esteemed president has been reading, too.

ddd - thanks so much for the sweet buns. They clearly brightened my morning.

Okay, but the question that sprang to my mind was:

"Will it work on squirrels?"

Squirrels drink coffee? That would explain a lot.

Annie, probably THIS one.

'ba-dum' to Siouxie.

I never said guys aren't domestic. I said they aren't domesticated.

No, no, people -- the proper tactic is to use the lasers directly on the squirrels, after first poisoning them with granulated toxic waste Nescafe. Then you grind a 1/4 cup of Millstone Organic Mayan Black Onyx beans and drip-brew a pot of coffee that's actually potable. There, problem solved.

Hmm... 20 seconds per cup isn't all that instant.

That was more what I had in mind, WD. Say hi to Mot for me, willya?

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