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March 23, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I once had a roommate with a cat that had a problem using the litter box, (so he'd use the floor or a plant)for some strange reason.

Yay, Siouxie!

Idiots...............everyone knows you use the guest bath as the stable!

Yay Siouxie!

I had a roommate in college who did his laundry once a semester. His room was lined with laundry baskets filled with funky clothes.

And when he needed clean skivies, he just went to Wally World and bought more.

ISIANMTU! And Eeeewwww!!

A four=year-old girl with a pony in her living room? My daughter would have killed for this...

That pony is a whorse.

Hmmm, I thought that was a "-". Oh, well. Please - the "=" and + the "-".


Hammie *I* woulda killed for that too!

ickyickyicky. and very weird.

He's not the only one who lives with ponies.

He must've been Bjorn in a barn.

btw - horses and ponies CAN be housebroken... guys.....not so much.

WTG, Siouxie!

YAY, Siouxie!

Cue Fred Rogers: Won't you be...my neigh-bor?

It really works best if the house is manbroken.

*snork* @ JD..

*smirk* @ CJ.

When he asks his guests if they want to see a dog and pony show, he means it!

This better not end with the words "The Aristocrats."

Go back to this page, look under Metro TV, click on "Brown Picking His Nose," and see British MP Gordon Brown excavating his nasal caverns during a Tony Blair speech.


Or the Brits might say, Boogah!

Is this in Tijuana?

I'm just saying, that would explain a lot.

When his daughter asked her dad for a "My Little Pony" for Christmas, it lead to a huge misunderstanding.

Am I sounding a little horse?

What would the neigh-bors think?

I dunno, Pirate. Equining minds would like to know.

Yay Siouxie!

*snork* at AWBH, JD, and CJ.

I gotta get up at 4am- think I'll hit the hay. Really.

He thought the guy only brought the pony home on his lunch hour? WTFBBQ?

Also, medtrina, when did we live together?

The tenate has replied to said accusations...He stated for the record "it was the glue that held the family togeather".

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