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March 24, 2007


Speaking of toilet paper: Aliens are using it to attack France.


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first to be up too early trying to be funny. #2, you're up.

Neil Manhard? surely he had to fight everyday day on the way to school.

Ugh...my toilet paper has brown streaks...

everyday day day day , turn turn turn, You're right cg..............it's too early

The company I work at hasn't figured out yet that when it comes to toilet paper, the amount of cost-cutting is directly equivalent to the amount of bum-scratching. Ow!

By the way, "Teresa Ann Boeckel" anagrams to "Be Anal Cost Keener."

Those aliens must be pretty small....

I heard France surrendered.

'no scoops on this database' -- I had a friend who saw a UFO scoop, but I think it was in the sixties...

...and not in France...he also claimed to have gone to Uranus, probably in search of toilet paper...

I can understand why some didnt want to touch it - recycled? Ick!

Lol; funny, yet somehow disturbing.

Lol, jazzzz. I heard that Neil Manhard once went out with Jeanne Wilt, but it didn't go very well.

Please don't squeeze the Champs Elysees.

DDD, yes, they raised a white Kleenex™.

"Toilet Roll" worst name for an entree at a sushi bar EVER!

except perhaps "Flying Toilet Roll"

altho' it would be a good item for the Puu-Puu platter

The reported sighting of an object shaped "like a flying toilet roll", for example, suggests that the French may not be the smelliest society in the universe after all.

Recycled what? That's what I want to know.

This bums me out. Butt what do you expect from the Champs Eloosey?

Well, I'm pooped... off to sleep...

Nighty-night, NT! Don't let the blogits bite!

Unless you want them to, that is.

/OT alert

I'm at work in the on-call room blogging....I mean, working, and the History channel is on so I don't have to hear the noise from the department. There is a documentary and the narrator just said, "there would have been 3 huge bolts flying over the ramparts."

I assume he was talking about Punkin Poo looking for material for a new blouse.

/end OT

So that's what you docs are doing in that room... blogging working hard...

/OT alert, but oddly relaated to DDD's OT

I am posting from the hospital as well. Yesterday Mrs. thunking gave birth to the young, but studly, Cletus Thunking. He weighed in at a strapping 7 lbs, 6 oz. 21 inches tall.

Both Cletus and the Mrs are doing great... and the ramparts are being breached as we speak.

/end OT

If the Blog is constipated, does it become a Clog, or can the recycled tp make all the diff?

Congrats, rt!

And not a moment too soon.

welcome to the blog, Cletus!

congrats, random!

i, for one, welcome our new toilet roll masters...

congrats, random. our best to the missus and Cletus. teach him to use those ramparts well.

Is this product by chance made by the same folks that make the cow dung flooring? Talk about low overhead!

CONBLOGULATIONS, RANDOM!! That's absolutely terrific. *beams beatifically at rt and family*

Also, belated snorks @ russelmc. Excellent. And personally, I can't think of any better way to recycle Congressional paperwork.




Hope I didn't disturb his rampart breaching by shouting!

Welcome, Cletus! Glad to see you're not 'blurking' anymore. Thanks for joining us. Make sure your dad puts together a "On the day you were born" package that includes this blog. Maybe you'll grow up to investigate which way the French flying toilet roll was rolled - over the top or the wrong way.

I sang Happy Birthday to you to all of my kids. They cried,but I know that I was the first to sing it to them.

Yes! Include this blog and CONGRATULATIONS.

You can nickname him "blog?" No? OK.

Thanks to all!! We are very happy and simply ecstatic with the addition to our family. He is so cute and we are busy doing the "your nose but my mouth" stuff.

But (que ominous organ music) Mrs. T's mother is here from Korea. She is a terrific helper doing all the cooking. But (organ music builds to a crescendo) older Koreas STRONGLY believe in Ferberizing all aspects baby raising from day-one. In general, she has the final word in everything, regardless of latest research. So every time we try to cuddle with our lil' Cletus, we get the Korean tongue lashing.

Looking on the bright side, she is staying the Thunking Family Estate at night, giving us cuddle time. And when we go back home tomorrow, she will be staying in the South Wing, and the Lavish Master Suite in the whole North Wing, giving us some much neeed space.

Again, thanks. And send your baby-warming gift to: The Thunking Estate, One Thunking Rd., Tri-State Area, USA.

Are you allowed to warm the baby? ;-)

Jazzz, absolutely not. Feeding, changing, period. He must be kept in about 18 receiving blankets for warmth. Human warmth is strickly verbotten.

Are you allowed to Ferberize the grandmother? For instance, the first time she tongue-lashes you, ignore her for 5 minutes. The next time for 10 minutes, etc. until she goes away. ;)


For a min there I thought it meant "boiling" everything...

How long is grandma staying?? We could call Homeland Security or the Immigration Dept. ;-)

just a random thought...

Welcome, Cletus, and congrats to the Thunkings!

*Wonders if Cletus is actually the latest random thunking, but decides not to ask*

Cletus, Random named you Cletus,
Glad you came to meet us,
When you were bornnnnnnnnn!

Cletus, whoa, whoa, whoa, Cletus
When you can read us,
Don’t surf for p0rn!

Cletus, Thunker Junior Cletus,
When we meet you’ll treat us,
With justified scornnnnnn!

[apologies to Johnny Mathis]

Bravo CJ!

*snorkus* @ CJ

and a nice simul there DDD!


Congratulations Thunking Family and Cletus, Baby Bloglit!

*Snork* at CJRun!

random and Mrs. thunking-
Congratulations! Enjoy this time as much as you can. Hopefully M-I-L will be a help, too, except when she's lecturing, and maybe she'll let up on that when she realizes you're going to do it her way, but 3-6 months from now (after she's gone.) But being able to catch a nap or have extra help should be a good thing. Sorry this is belated, I seem to have missed this end of this thread.

Marketing . . . it is toilet paper made out of recycled paper materials.

i guess it's a somewhat accurate way to describe a UFO... or UFTPO

It's not that aliens are attacking France with toilet paper, they are just doing da business at hand and flushin...remember Peppy LaPEW.

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