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March 24, 2007


I took the CrapCam&trade photo below this afternoon at the Dade County Youth Fair.


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Where's the fried Twinkie™ stand?

I refuse to repeat the name of this place

I don't get it..

Oh, that's just sick and twisted and .... mmmmf .... *licks lips* ... hey ... this stuff's pretty good! *swallows*


Coulda been worse....coulda been "Sir" Creamalot.

**snork** *composes self*

What? They have good ice cream. What were you thinking?

Creamalot! Creamealot!
I know it sounds a bit bizarre,

But in Creamalot! Creamalot!
Thats how conditions are.

Creamalot! Creamalot!
I know it gives a person pause,

But in Creamalot! Creamalot!
Those are the legal laws!

Do they charge a cover to get in?

The Fried Twinkie might be standing behind the camera... .

Looks more like "Cramalot."

What type of concocktions do they serve there?

*snork* @ jon. That's not very nice. tee-hee.

Where's the weinermobile? Out on a 'delivery'?

from Dave's link - Marriage on the midway. Somehow the guy looks less than thrilled about it.
I've heard of sideshows, but that's ridiculous.

zziiiiiiiiiiiiinnngg.....Jon hits a bullseye!!

Then there's this coveted prize.

Worst earwig of the week:
Be there, The Fair, It's all there, The Fair, THE FAIR!

ACCKKK! thank GAWD I'm not forced to go to this fair anymore. It was a yearly ritual and I only started to enjoy it when my girls were old enough to ride the "Ride N' Puke" kinda rides which I LOVE. The other thing that was worth going was the junk food which I'm sure have permanently clogged up my arteries. We have gone in a couple of years - they're just not into it anymore.

I miss my elephant ears...not the 20 billion people that go.


what I meanta say is...we HAVEN'T gone in a couple of years...

oh and it's also better than Crapalot.

Does Dad-a-Lot know about this? (Let's hope he doesn't).


The worse part of this "Fair" is the stench of farm animals and guess what little girls ALWAYS wanted to go see...pet...feed...smell???

Thankfully little innocent ones would have had no idea what you were talking about. It's nice to live in that world for a little while.

oh siouxie! my kids are finally old enough for the ride-n-pukes! also the tilt-n-hurl, the twirl-n-yaks, AND the merry-go-ralphs. We went to our first carnival last weekend. Two out of three had yakked by time we got home. I never got any elephant ears....It was a blast!

crossgirl, mine NEVER puked. Well...my youngest was not as adventurous as the older one which would always ride with me. The youngest would stay with her wuss of a dad and watch us. She does ride more things now though.

*attempts to think of a whitty one-liner to toss off*
*gives up*
*goes to squirt some sauce on the sundaes instead*

I miss my elephant ears...

But the surgery did wonders for you, Siouxie. (*snork*)

Don't forget the cherry, DPC.

Hey now, I like the smell of the animals. Reminds me of home. And my first job was in the baby animal tent at the Dutchess County Fair. I trained the ducklings to grab a bite of food and go down the slide.

Creamalot WBAGNFA Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce greatest hits album.

I LOVE the fair! I don't ride rides except at Palt Pisney Porld. Motion and I, uh unh!!! I can 't count all the times I've been sick on a ride, or after a ride, or standing on the ground just watching a ride whirl around, but I am a 4-H alumn (is it ae, i, us?), and my children are in 4-H now. Barns and greasy fries are in my future for a long time, I hope!

Annie, the guy who won the married on the midway contest looks like he walked to close to the rear end of a cow and smelled something terrible . Also, he looks a little like Scott Bakula except for the PU expression on his face.

"Somehow the guy looks less than thrilled about it."

He's realizing his Creamalot days are over. (And lol for 'concocktions,' aw.)

*snork* at stevie.

so siouxie....at what age is it no longer acceptable to ride the zipper? (no comments from you gentleman!!!) my dear sister told me that i was officially too old. hrmph.

Jessica, assuming you are in fact a Jessica, for you it would be an "alumna", I think. And I am one too, of something like nine years.

Well, that is still better than the name one of my good friends had for JFK's terms in office, which is quite similar, only much MUCH more graphic...

Jeff, very funny!! I guess I did leave myself open for that one ;-)

crossgirl?? you're never too old to ride the zipper.

Went to a carnival a couple of years ago with some friends and thier kids. One friend flirted a bit with a carney for fun and found herself on the recieving end of his pontifications of undying love and devotion.
This was a bit more than she bargined for,
(she was not really in the market for an E ticket ride, just a little good clean fun)
poor girl was completely confused by his declarations until a local cop friend informed her that her would be suitor was arrested a short time later.
Wanted as a suspect in a murder 2 states away.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the travelling carnival...

Fun for the whole family!

Yeah, maybe The Manson family....

girl rule #1: NEVER flirt with carny folk.

I hated the Youth Fair.

I hated selling tickets at my kid's school. I hated going. I really hated the rides.

As soon as my kids were old enough to go without me (teens), I stopped going.

Haven't been in 12 years.

Good deal.

One ill-spent summer of my youth I dated a carny while they were in town a few weeks. Let's just say the name is appropriate.

Oh that's funny. Here in Lake Forest, CA, there is a long standing establishment called Captain Cream. It's an infamous strip joint in a town where few people have ever had sex. So a couple years ago, a friend's cousin and his kids are in town and had dinner at Peppino's (a great family Italian place in the same strip mall). So his kids wanted to know if they could go there for dessert.

Why was Michael Jackson in the house?

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