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March 22, 2007


Laudromat Revenge

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Well, if he paid to wash the kitty litter, it's not a crime, right?

Who the hell has kitty litter at the laundry?

Why would you want to soil your perfectly clean kitty litter with clothing?


Somebody was feline a bit cranky. And that ain't the cat's pajamas.

"What's that on your sweater?"
"Oh, it's Persian."

My cat has done this before when I forget to clean the box out. It's not as bad as the time she dumped the box on my head while I was sleeping though....

Revenge is an ugly word and I can't abide a messy litter box.

The guy just happened to have a bag of used kitty litter with him? Not exactly the purrfect crime, was it?

Clark, why were you passed out sleeping under the litter box?

My cat peed in my dive bag, which I then had to put in a Goodwill box.


Ohhhh! Like you were never in water so cold you 'warmed' your wetsuit?

*goes to return nice [musty?] divebag to GoodWill*

I ALWAYS have Wetsuit Warmer (coffee), but boycatpee smells totally different. Plus, it's not like I made any money. I look at the Goodwill as my own personal landfill. Is that wrong?

bali - your cat is mad you spend so much time diving. Also, remind me never to buy a used dive bag.

I have several for sale...never mind. I know my cat is angry. I was home over an hour Monday night before he ever showed his face. Luckily, I keep my closet doors shut, so my shoes are still wearable.

Didn't we learn ANYTHING from Seinfeld? If you want to ruin a washer, use a bag of cement!

Geez. Amateurs.

What kills me is the accompanying picture. The used litterbox superimposed on a row of laundromat dryers? Do we need help imagining? Do we want to imagine?

Couldn't he also be charged with littering?

Laudromat? Is that anything like a sedagive?

Can't believe nobody mentioned yet that 'Laundromat Revenge' WBAExcellentNFARB...

(Here in Israel, there is actually a real band called Tractor's Revenge. That's pretty good too.)

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