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March 26, 2007


(Thanks to Wendy Wilson)


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I swear were here before i got here

And #1

And we complain about some poor schmuck that farts a lot...

bleeker street will now be renamed blecher street. yuck!

What the duck is the 'human society'? Are they related to People for the Ethical Treatment of P0rnography™?


"Most of these pigeons will be transferred to those pens and we'll also try to find some other shelters, seeing as how all of the statues in the park are full right now."

tell me Cannibal Mice WnotBAGNFARG!!!!

Ok I won't tell you ;-P

smoooooooooch Jazzzie!!

I wonder if it was human porn or animal porn? "Squeaker Peekers" or "Big Br**sts Are Not Just For Chickens"?

or "Stuart Not-So-Little"...

la-la -- poisoning pigeons in the park...

You guys are coo-coo.

lets see, he's single, loves animals and literature...

snork @ cg - ain't that the truth...

When I saw Bleecker Street I naturally assumed it was one of our own craziesnutjobscitizens, but noooo, Toronto of all places.

And yes, Cannibal Mice would be a superb name for a rock band as well as a CBS-TV Movie of the Week.

Thank god the porn was protected with a plastic wrapping.
A good idea even if you don't have lots of pigeons — at least, that's what I've been told.

You gotta protect that porn.

All of that PLUS an extensive collection of porn. You guys just slay me, sometimes!

C'mon Suzy...it's obvious that the poor guy can't get a date, what with all the wild, marauding pigeons & cannibal mice that have taken over his apartment.
He has to have a hobby!

What, no pony?! I'm disappointed.

Like I said before...I'll take fartman over this scumbag piece of work anytime.

Ok..maybe I won't take fartman either...

and that, folks, is why I'm still single.

Hey Sweet Siouxie !!!... Thank's for not telling me. ;-)....How yoose been, anyway?

Geez, Siouxie.
No farting, no wild pigeons, no cannibal mice, no p0rn... .
Don't you have any turn-ons?


I ees been bery bery busy! other than that great!

and jon?? apparently not.

I think the animals shoud have called the Human Protection Agency,H.P.A., to have the human removed,if dialing was a prob. carrier pigeon would suffice.

Plastic wrapped porn is superduper safe sex.

...a biography of Beethoven? What a perv!

Update from Toronto: the mice will be put up for adoption, not set, free so we sitizens of Toronto msy rest at ease.

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