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March 22, 2007


(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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Another quality Canadian import.


#1 Again AWBH

They probably shouldn't have called it the Titanic.

Don't look at me!

Lemme guess...it's part of the White Star Line.

Thanks, Keilwerth!

"Nooo - I said to use 'iron' to build the ship, not 'irony.'"

Here's a site with a picture.
Key quote - the ship experienced an 'ingress of water.'


If you want our oil, you have to take our crappy boats too...it's a package deal...

"Perry said the department has two other boats that can be used to fight fires on the water, but they don't have the capabilities or technology of the new vessel."

That would be that it is capable of...sinking? I think that technology has been around a loooong time...

Ok, but I'm setting up the next weirdness magnet in Quebec.

*snork* @ susy!

"The bilge pumps were working normally."

No, I don't think so....

I am having trouble imagining that the first thoughts of the person who "discovered" the sunk boat were "How can I make sure that this doesn't get pinned on me?"

*snork* @ insom!

he's not here, but if he were, he'd be very, very funny.

Not a bad idea, Annie. Having one in Quebec would be a nice counter-balance to the weirdness magnet we have buried under Vancouver that has created all the tree huggers wearing Birkenstocks...oh and I'm pleased to announce that the city has re-posted all of the "nuclear free zone" signs...

I almost picked Vancouver, but I figured something was already there. The Quebecois, though, could use a good rattling. Mais oui, non?

Mais certainment...actually some of us are kind of hoping that Quebec DOES choose to leave Canada...it would cut six hours off the drive from Toronto to the Maritimes...

Jamais, monsieur...they surrender too easily to be out on their own.

Quote from the article that Annie WBH linked to:

It is uncertain at this point what caused the ingress of water to the vessel.

Call me crazy, but I'm nearly certain it was a proven technological device known as a "hole".

I think the "hole" is likely missing the necessary bilge drain plug. $350,000 boat probably sank because of a $5 part.

Naw, somebody played a little prank or it rained like heck and they forget something when she was built. For her to go down stern-to, the lazarette [the locker or container at the very back] was full of water. Either somebody unhooked the bilge pumps and put a hose in the lazarette, or it rained like heck and the builders forgot to put limber holes [drain holes connecting to the main bilge] in the lazarette. The article said they couldn't find leaks and the bilge pumps were working, so I think they 'oopsed' on the limber holes and it rained.

World's first firefightin' submarine. I am impressed.

Government engineers? Or some idiot opened the sea cock.

/All right, I admit it. I just wanted to type sea cock and see if got past the censor.

Okay, what CJ said.

See cock, sea cock, testing testing, 1,2,3....


This is cock. Sea cock. See cock run.

This is Spot. See spot on cock.

See doc. See doc - run!

we here in Newport News are very proud of our fireboat. with the price of the boat coming directly out of our taxes, we are just so happy we could sh!t.

What the hull?

I hate it when this happens.

ww - the fire dept didn't own it yet, so they'll not out any $.

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