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March 23, 2007


(Thanks to Forked River Tuna)

UPDATE: Here's another strong candidate for a Florida driver's license.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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"...most likely driving while intoxicated."

Yuh think????

This is why I will NEVER have OnStar. I can get into quite enough trouble all by myself without my car finking on me, thankyouverymuch.

My gosh...how nuts. I'm just glad that car stopped where it did. That sucks they'd just made the last payment. lol

Dave, I sent you a similar story a couple of days ago, only in that one the guy actually drove THROUGH a wall into a house and landed on a guy in his bed.

Here you go.

Jeff, what a surprise...I sent that one in too ;-)

THAT was funny!

DPC-i was told that the OnStar system can be turned off. that's the only reason i bought my new car. are you telling me that i can be tracked EVERYWHERE?

just made the last payment is Murphys law...and he was an Irish drunkard too

ww - from what I understand, the only way it can be trusted to be totaly off is if you clip the wires.

Even if you clip the On-Star wires, you are still tracked -- by your cell phone and/or pager and/or PDA. To disable these devices you need to remove the battery, not just turn them off. All of these things can be turned on remotely without you knowing it.

so Big Brother IS watching me. he'll die from boredom.

WW, its worse than that.

Once your cell phone is turned on, it can be ordered to act as a microphone (even when its closed) to pick up conversations in the area (room, car, restaurant table, etc.) You'll never see any lights or hear any ring tones so you will have no indication that you are being monitored.

Big Sister IS listening.

great Rusty1, thanks so much, i really appreciate it. i'm not paranoid, they are out to get me.

NOO JOISEY!! deys drivin in noo joisey. i rest my case.

I love the part about the car being impounded.
Wouldn't it make more sense to just leave the car alone and impound the driver.

YAY Jeff & ME!

just saw this too.

That reminds me of a scene from Malcolm in the Middle

queen, I agree. Jersey drivers are the Florida drivers of the northeast.

I sent in that Jeep story too...*sighs*

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