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March 27, 2007


(Thanks to Dan Traylor)


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both businesses and residences lost power when a squirrel entered the substation and made contact with a transformer

just how did he make contact? was he carrying a cell phone?

Maybe after Steven Hawking figures out the Grand Unified Theory, we'll understand why squirrels are attracted to electricity.

Witt said the squirrel caused a flashover, or spark-like flash, and was seen doing the audition dance for "Flashdance"...

I can see headlines now:
"Suicide Squirrels and Underground Turtles winning war against Humans!"

We are sooo in trouble. I am going to the bunker with the Buddha Boy!

I can see headlines now:
"Suicide Squirrels and Underground Turtles winning war against Humans!"

We are sooo in trouble. I am going to the bunker with the Buddha Boy!

Uh-oh, squirrels in the server now, too!

Dave, your public transcript blames everything on squirrels, but what about your private transcript?

Oh sorry, it this paper, it's pushing me off the deep end.

Squirrels...why did it have to be Squirrels?

Of course they're relentless - it's Lent.

Annie, I keep forgetting to NOT eat meat on Fridays...

(no need to get those minds in the gutter just yet)

I gave up giving up things

FIRST! to say that I hate that spelling of "Bekki." Does she dot the "i" wif a widdwe heawt?

so what if i do?

There's someone I'd like you to meet, Annie.

It's just one of those personal preference things about "cutesy." Like "Kwik Kopy." Or "Ku Klux Klan."

Or maybe I just don't like Ks. Could have been an early childhood trauma from the Children's Television Network.

"Sesame Street" has been brought to you by the letters J and L and the number 3...oops. There is no three....

*wait - J and L? what happened to K? OH GOD, WHERE IS K?*

I don't understand why there's so much of a focus on keeping the furry little bastards out of the power substations. I say, let 'em flood in, the more the crispier!

Where we need to focus our efforts is on reducing the power outtages that they cause when they choose this form of death. Better circuit breakers, backup systems, I dunno. But let the squirrels keep on frying.

And yet, I had to type 2 - count'em 2 "k"s in my captcha....

What's that you say, Desquediva?

Ooh - I like your accent, meanie.... ;)

I mean, I like your accent, meanie.

*corrects name*

Meanie's accent is...ok.

Maybe it's time to finally give in and bow down to our squirrel overlords! We could all take turns gathering nuts and whatever else they want as an offering....

Let's face it. They've got us outnumbered, they're smarter and obviously more determined and have no fear of death.

(Goes down in basement to begin carving squirrel idol)....

Thanque you, ladies.

BTW, if there were no 3, we would all be the same height.

I like Clean Hands's idea - instead of trying to keep them out just surround the real transformers with 'decoy' units (aka: squirrel zappers)

How does that worque?

Annie - Don't you mean "o-que"?

oooh, blue, better hide your accent...annie's checkin it out!

please ignore bekki. she stole my comment, and my simul with Mr. C.

O....er, I mean alright, bequequei.


Hey Chaz - That's my line. I'll let you borrow it, but give credit up. And please fwd the royalty checque.

SG you're alive? I thought the squirrels got you.

We've set up a perimeter. Resistance is futile!"

Troops, man ....er, squirrel your positions!

Maybe we are being unfair to the squirrel. Maybe the squirrel is just a poor, misunderstood squirrel, and if we just give the squirrel a chance it will show us just how wonderful the squirrel can be. Maybe we should focus on the squirrels good points...........yeah, I can't think of any either. Get my shotgun!

Meanie - I've always liqued that one.

I'm absolutely heady with the tang of the power of the QUE.

que pasa??

This almost makes up for missing the blogging on "24" last night when I would have been able to be there for the first time in months....

I'm not one to judge, Annie.

Although I did get to read the first few posts and I must say I want to give it up for the Blog's own Weather Girls!

Release the nuts!
(If you're gonna do that anywhere, what better place than here?)

Annie - I think we're already on the loose. :)

some of us are looser than others, IYqueWIM.


When asked why substations are vulnerable to small wildlife, the response was:

“Our biggest concern is keeping people out,” [Bekki] Witt said, “because it’s dangerous.”

Perhaps the power companies are an ally in the war on squirrel terrorism. A power outage affecting a small group of customers for a short period of time is a small price to pay for the gradual eradication of this rodent menace. If you need more proof, just look at these made-up stats:

Transformers: 2,038
Squirrels: 0

Oh, no, they're targeting Annie again!

Those darn squirrels sure know how to take a lickin'...

How many points do I get for running over a squirrel? Almost got one yesterday!

Hey, Siouxie - that's "liquein'"...



A gift for Meanie. Just don't looque too closely at the ingredients.


Ahhh, so that's where their name came from!

Are they as good as Snicquers?

I'm thinking that I should set up a squirrelcam page.... complete with a Chloe button.

Git 'im!

They're as good as eminem M&M.

EXcellent idea, Bro. Chloe rocques, whatever the circumstances.

I'm all for frying squirrels but there has got to be a more efficient way.

Indeed there is.

I work in the Corvallis newsroom where this story was written, and, being a long-time Dave Barry blog reader, when I walked into the newsroom after driving through an electricity-free town, my first question to other reporters was, "There was a squirrel involved, wasn't there?" Of course, I was proven correct.

Theresa, regardless of the situation, that is ALWAYS my first question.

Sounds like Pacific Power needs to set up some perimeters around their substations...

It's cool to see Corvallis in one of Dave's blogs. I grew up not far from there.

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