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March 26, 2007


(Thanks to RussellMc)

Here's one possibility.


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Here's another

I think Walter would make an excellent cover model...he'll be the next Fabio!

OH no you don't, Jeff! not this early in the morning.

Thank god for the 'hover'.

I love the quote at the end.

Thank you, Siouxie! I almost clicked on it. Not enough caffeine. Memory circuits inhibited. May need to reboot. System crashing. Warning! Warning, Will Robinson!

You're too suspicious, Siouxie.

I like that in a woman.

'course, when I imagine my fantasy ideal, "he" looks like Jennifer Ehle!

So, Dave, When's your photoshoot? I think a blue shirt is just what those covers need.

real men wanted. yup. if i buy their books, will i get a free man?

if they want a 'real man', they should have that guy that has been banned from the pub for flatulence. that's a typical 'real man'.

Wickedwitch: My wife can out-flatulence me any day. That's one of about 5,000 reasons why I love her...

A real man?
Or maybe him?
Or does it matter?

I'm looking for a few good real men man too...

*lining up with cg to get the hardcover*

Here's how to become one

But don't use too much

Or too little

A good man is hard to find, and visa versa.

A hard man is good to find??

She finishes her "novel" still moist I might add, walks in on hubby looking at naughty pics and exclaims YOU DOG..............kiss me you fool.

It's true they tend to use the same models over and over. It's kinda comical "oh, look, this is the guy that was on 'Love in the Winter' and 'Love on the High Seas,' and over here on 'Vampire Love' and 'Galaxy 13 Getaway.'" Boy he sure gets around.




Almost as busy as the skanks with the initials, Paris Hilton or Twitney?

a good fine is hard to man.

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