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March 22, 2007


It's stopping the mail in Canada, and being thwarted by robot birds in Liverpool.


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A try at FIRST

Better than News Making The Poop, I guess.

well sh...oot.

Wouldn't the scary robotic bird (AGNFARB) scare the poop out of the pigeons? I'd think the mess would get worse.

maybe they can get Heather Mills to walk thru this mine field...

Somebody call me??

Punkin, did you threaten the mailman again???

says here poo stopped the mail....

Canadian Postmaster: Dung go there!


"You've Got Poo."

Liverpooppool Council: Pigeons Scat!

These were stool pigeons?

Can the robofalcon swoop down at 2000 mph? Cause that could be bad.

Sounds like robotic dogs are needed

Somebody pass the brain bleach - what must this yard look like to be concerned for safety from falling?
It must be pretty bad when you have to chain up to deliver the mail when there isn't any snow.

whatever happened to "neither rain nor snow nor cr@p of dog..."?

Gad - Is he housebroken or will he be leaving little batteries all over the floor?**

100 GeezerBlog™ Rewardpoints for whomever gets this reference.

Several years ago here in downtown KC they set up a somewhat similar program to control the pigeons.

Except we used real falcons.

I used to have a cube in a building where I could watch them. Red tailed hawks (our other primary airborne pigeon predator) muscle their way through the sky like heavy bombers. Perigrines slide across it like they've got rocket powered ice-skates. When they take off it looks like they were spring-launched. One time a hawk came too close to where the falcons were nesting and watching the male drive him off was like watching a lone fighter jet attack a heavy bomber. The perigrine got above him, flashed down past him, swooped back up like a check mark and turned for another run over and over until he drove the hawk from the area.

Where I sit now, if I lean back, I can see a bit of the building across the street. Somehow it's not the same.

*waves at Cat R. and her canine*

Hmmmm... I think Cat R. started a trend the other day with mention of her German shepherd's elephantine droppings... Maybe the residents of St. John's, Newfoundland, need to get some of these from Sydney, Australia. I just don't know where they'll find parkas small enough for them.

MtB, I don't get the reference but I'd love to be enlightened. Without being scared by robot falcons.

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