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March 26, 2007


On the other hand, you could get shot in the thigh.

(Thanks to Steve "The Amazing Steve" Pietrowicz)


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a foursome with jack bauer?

So, if you win the auction will they tell you how Jack defies the laws of physics on a daily basis, and how he gets through LA rush hour traffic in under 15 minutes, no matter where he is going?

So, the winner can bring three guests, and both guests have to be at least 18 years of age? (If I knew how, I would have placed "three" and "both" in bold in order to make my point with sarcasm...but you just have to use your imagination.)

Hey Dave,

I was perusing your Unofficial site and one of your links takes you to an interview with Matt Czuchry instead of you - it's the second link from the top (the 2006 interview for US News & World Report).

The link that's there

Where the link should go

My apologies if this has been brought up 99238742342 (or any number, for that matter) times before... and for the fact that that has nothing to do with 24.

Looking forward to the show tonight and awesome job to you and the Amazing Steve for providing loads of entertainment when I read the updates on Tuesday mornings.


OK, gang, we have to take up a collection to send Dave.

Elvi - place the word like this < b > word < /b > without the spaces.

Does the winner also get to take home a wooden dialog carving?

Thanks Layzeeboy

If I win, can I taser someone...something?

Siouxie, Tasering is like a motion to adjourn, it is always an option. You don't need a special occasion.

*tasers Hammie*

very true ;-P

Psh, they should be paying members of this blog to replace their obviously inebriated writers.

Key quote: Please note there is no guarantee that you will meet the cast of "24", nor can we guarantee that you will meet the cast members who are on set the day of your visit.

So, let me see.... spend $30k for myself and 2 or 3 (depending on how well you passed English Lit.) to spend a day at the set WITHOUT any guarantees!?

Yea, and there's a shipping charge! WT...!?

Not only that kibby, but there are so many modifiers and qualifiers there's a chance you could pay and not get to go on the set at all.
Can you say ripoff?

Thanks for the link, Jimbo.

And I'm always weary of bad grammar in things I'm bidding on.

"Certificate is good for the winner plus three guests only, it is non transferable. Both guests must be at least 18 years of age."

BOTH guests? All three of them both?

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