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March 26, 2007


(Thanks to pm)


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Were the crocs alive?? sleeping?? clinging on to her butt??

bad reporting!

it would have been more fun had their mouths not been wired shut

This is a croc.

"He notified the monitors, and the reptiles were discovered on further inspection"?

oh and FIRST!

funnily enough, I just saw this on Drudge and my first thought was "What would Dave think?" I think this blog is messing with my sense of reality.

Maybe they were just lingerie to match her bag. Nothing wrong with that. I hope.

Is there?

Annie - Crocodile Underwear WBAFNFARB

Of course not!



I guess the F above could be "funny"

do these contraband reptiles make my butt look big?

*usual SNORK to insom*

Given Mot's previously stated amazement at the apparently humongous portions served in American restaurants, and that I am about to meet him for lunch at one of the same, I wonder if he is concerned that he may return to S.A. in an "oddly obese" condition.

Not that I'm planning to give him any contraband reptiles, mind you.

I'm sure she used this to secure them to her body.

WD, careful...he may propose to you.

(have a great time and take pictures!!)

annie, you sure she didn't use these?

I've heard of n!pple clamps, but this is ridiculous...

OK cg that wasn't there when I started typing, Sorry.

imagines alligators clamped on nips. arrrggghghhghgghhg. i'll stick to the shoes, thank you very much.

cg - hellooo - airport security! Plus, those things will give you a rash...so I've heard...
(mm told me) ;)

CG, you attach shoes to your nipples? Interesting...


I'm sure insomniac meant to add that Contraband Reptiles WBAGNFARB too.

Hammie, I'm sure she meant THIS.


*Waves @ Siouxie!*

Methinks I shall not try to open that link at work. Our nanny.bot already thinks I am a wee bit peculiar.

actually, i meant horse shoes.

Even more impressive...

Whoa, crossgirl! Talk about studly!

Ohh... Little ones. Ok, different mental picture.

Waves back @ Hammie!

a wee bit?

WD (will do), Siouxie. Got the Brighton version of the CrapCam in pocket and heading out. Trouble is, Mrs. WriterDude hid I can't find my Rock Bottom Remainders T-shirt, which I was planning to wear to commemorate the occasion. I guess The Beatles will have to do.


Unless they were fat.

Coming in from Cairo
Walking over the sand
You know that she's not much of a whiner
Reptiles fastened all around her mammary glands
Could she ever look much finer?

Coming in across the Red Sea
Bringing in a reptile or three
Don't mind that she's oddly obese
Mister Customs Man

There's a guy with scorpions from Morocco
No, he couldn't look much stranger
Walking with them hidden under flowing robes
Squirming, said there was no danger

Coming in across the Red Sea
Bringing in a reptile or three
Don't mind that she's oddly obese
Mister Customs Man

Buxom woman striding toward the checking point
Tripping off no metal detector
But the guard he still thought
That the extra boob ought
To be a tip off that he needs to inspect her

Coming in across the Red Sea
Bringing in a reptile or three
Don't mind that she's oddly obese
Mister Customs Man

This article is worthless without photos.

hammie and cg - thanks for those links. i've been trying to find alligator and horseshow nipple rings for several years now. you guys are real pals.

Meanie, I'm sure I'd find that hysterical if I knew the original song. ;-)

writer, I'm with you. The visual it not complete without photos of the crocs duct taped to her bazoombage.

Yes, folks...we have bazoombage.

Cri-kee ain't she a beauty.

Here's a more descriptive version. Sorry...no photos.

Croc Woman.

*would personally like to see a photo of the woman with the monkey strap-on*

MtB - I know the song, but can't remember is it "Coming into Los Angeles" or "Bringing in a Couple of Keys"? (Don't tell Arlo I forgot)

Is this her?

*very relieved not to find photo of self*

Punkin, you could have hidden 3 LIFE sized crocs between the girls and no one would have noticed.

I just snorked Panda Express all over my desk.

Siouxie's right. Although polite onlookers may have offered you some moisturizer.

OT and this just in: Mot is currently sitting on one end of one of my sofas and giving me the most interesting conversation I have had since I gave a book-touring author a little buffalo.

More later. /OT

"Coming In To Los Angeles", by Arlo Guthrie.

*Commences Geezer Bus pass inspection*

"everybody was admiring a woman who is able to tie crocodiles to her body."

Somewhere, there is a man behind this idea...

*Waves to Mot & WD*

Meanie, sorry...can't say I know that one...I'll keep trying for that geezer pass though.

*applauds Meanie* Gotta love Arlo!

*hums "You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant..."*

Way LTTG, but xlnt work on the Arlo tune, MtB.

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