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March 22, 2007



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*calls travel agent*
*books flight to Japan*

'Our sales point is that we also offer variations, including having the service performed by multiple workers (groups of two or three women), or you can have it performed by a shy woman or another who'll do it while talking dirty.'

I, I just don't know what to say!


*fights urge to make a "mud covered penis" gay joke.....not...going ...to.........make it...*

she talks dirty while applying mud to your unit? snicker snicker.

Now that's what I call mudstuffin'

*Cancels plans to attend next winetasting*

yeah, if Kiera Knightly was applying it...I would have to say yes

Instead of the customer putting his face into the basin, he needs to sit in the sink, allowing his penis and bum to soak.

Check, please!

Do not try this on Walter!

I'm just wondering who does the massaging after?
And which of these fine ladies is going to start the first U.S. franchise... ?


Does Armani know they're using his name to promote testicular facials?

My equal-opportunity shorts all in a bunch. We need, ney--demand, that women be allowed to have bazoomage mud packs. I humbly volunteer my services.

random, you're gonna need a bigger sink for Punkin...just sayin'

Siouxie, I'm surprised you're not breaking out your special wine variety for this.

Sioux, that's what the bath tub is for.

Not too early for Chardonnay, Meanie??

It's a little woody...a nutty aftertaste with a hint of....well..hmmm...

"'A whole lot of operations similar to ours sprung up in a short time..."

Heh, he said "sprung"

It's a little woody...a nutty aftertaste with a hint of....well..hmmm...

Posted by: russellmc | 10:07 AM on March 22, 2007



A heady aroma with a smooth finish. Great with fish.

Outstanding depth and a strong finish.

A teasing hint of spring, followed by a robust burst of fullness and smoky notes.

I dunno...I would think it would have a firm flavor of...meat...

Oh, and Gadfly...the strong finish may depend on the client...

"the genitals are covered with mud and massaged, which is supposed to cleanse the skin..."

...among other things.

..does not want any testiculars near my facial! If ya know what I mean.

Jon, I know what you mean


The strong finish is an extra 500 yen.

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