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March 26, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Even more reason to stay away from the boardwalk this summer

oh, and #1

I'll have one of each, thank you.

I'm pretty sure we'll be in Upstate NY for vacation this summer. I'll have to find this place...

woo hoo!!!!!!!!! a combination of my 2 favorite things!!!!!!!!! and guys, DO NOT stand between any of us bloggals and the wine-ice-cream when it's that time of the month IYKWIM!!!!

Two favorite things, yes, but I'm not sure they'd taste great together. Kinda like the chocolate chicken pie from South Park.

i've been to boonville.... nothin else to do up there but drink and eat ice cream. and NOW ...

they have a guinness ice cream at a local place. tried it. couldn't finish it. too wierd.

this is not to say that i would not try a scoop of port or whatever.

I tried Guinness ice cream once and didn't like it much. I wonder what mead ice cream would be like? I can see that being rather nice if you used a sweet mead rather than a dry.

There's a brew pub in Rapid City, SD, that uses the wort from their Smokejumper Stout (before the hops are added) to make a malted milk shake. It's wonderful!

If you think that's gross, ask yourself where the "malt" in malted milk shake comes from.

I'd rather not, Scott and remain in blissful denial as I enjoy the shake ;-)

I'll drink to that!

You scream! I scream! Um...someby else scree... er ... *hic*

I'll have the non-dairy vodka ice cream, please.

BELLY UP TO THE BAR BOYS....i'll have the root beer float please,WIMP!

you scream,i scream, we all scream when i cream...a little cream of ewe.

it's nice being at the end of postit land...It's like having the theater to yo self...and when I am first I will revise!for I am NOT an animal...well i may have to REVISE aGAIN...damn cap locks any body know a locksmith??? How about a blacksmith...I guess in the gay community they would be...come on you know the anwser? a rainbowsmith, some where over the wainbow,soMEplace i know, i'll be home for christmas with or w/out snow, ahh, joe,ahh, Larry and Moe, sorry curly had to have his hair done,like me iam DONE.

Uh, I would lay off the wine ice cream, posted by.

What's your point, Dave? Are you trying to imply that this ISN'T a good idea? Because I, for one, say: Pass the scooper-thingie!

This isn't really new. Baskin & Robbins sold flavors like "burgundy cherry" when I was a kid, 30 years ago.

And Daquiri Ice. Do they still make that one?

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