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March 27, 2007



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Angus is SOOOOOO much better.


Nope, not first ;-)

Is there a swimsuit competition? If so, I have follow-up questions.

Just to get the punning off to an early start: This is udderly absurd.

By "better" of course I mean "tasty".

I nominate Rosie.

The talent competition may involve precision milk squirting.

*wonders how they get the Guernsey's to complete the ballots - are there chads involved?*

The missing text:

After the Show phase the lucky winner's toasted during a steak dinner making way for next years contestants.

Headline News:
"The COTY competition was marred yesterday by a freak methane explosion backstage. Firefighters were distracted by the now well done floating ribs of many of the contestants..."

"The Master of Ceremonies for the competition, a Mr. B. King was implicated in the incident after being caught with an incendiary device, buns and mustard..."

10 entries and no-one has suggested Paris yet?

I'm wiht Steveie, Rosie for C"ow of the Year"-with apologies to all bovines.

Anna Nichole for a posthumous award

NO I was NOT drinking when I wrote that comment.


Paris and Twitney are already sharing "Skank of the Year."

Just imagine the disappointment for all the other cows who worked so hard, only to be passed by for the honor of "Cow Of The Year".

I demand a recownt!


RE:Is there a swimsuit competition? If so, I have follow-up questions.

They have decided to use the pics of rosie in a swimsuit in lieu of panties on the head at Gitmo.

Anna Nichole for a posthumous award
Posted by: Steve Bradford | 09:34 AM on March 27, 2007


No fake udders in the swimsuit competition...only real udders

Cows found posing for professional pics, such as ones seen in Cosmoopolitan Magagzine, will be disqualified.

Maybe Rosie & Donald will fight over the morals of the winner?

Didn't they already pick a Miss USA Saturday night?

*snork* @ meanie al gored's recownt.

btw - angus are beef cattle. This is a dairy competition. Don't be dissin' Bessie.


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