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March 23, 2007


Sort of.

(Thanks to Steve "The Amazing Steve" Pietrowicz)


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They can't compare to the Beatles. Half a minute in and with a stage that low and no one mobbing them? Clearly posers.

If it's the Beatles, why is the guy in the ice cream suit doing the Elvis moves from Viva Las Vegas?

P.S. Originally though the subtitles were broken. But no, there are actually only 4 lines throughout the entire thing...

But who's the chick in the slinky dress having the Petit Mal seizures?

could they have played that a little faster perhaps??

All they are saying is give parody a chance.

mysore guitar gently weeps

But who's the chick in the slinky dress having the Petit Mal seizures?

Thats Yoko!!!

they are singing Hey Jude Sanjaya

Obladi Obla blah

I think it's actually "The Betels."


Woo hoo! One of my submissions got posted!

Just be thankful I didn't submit "I Wanna Hold Your Visnu".

Don't complain too much, India is finally catching up with the west ... they are all the way up to 1963!


Are those the same guys that were on the phone with you trying to help you with that Fell Fomputer last week?

and they have ALL of our telemarketing/help desk jobs

Next they'll be starring in the remake of Help!(Desk).

Beat the Meatles, you mean.


I think this is what the chick in Ghostworld was watching before her big date with Steve Buscemi...I could be wrong.

/end nerdalert

Is this where the no-talent, Indian on Idol got his start?

"We meet because of destiny. We also create false promises." Now those are classic rock & roll lyrics!!

Actually wouldn't something like "The Inner Light" or "Love You To" be more their speed?

I loved the Indian Beatles! Looking further around YouTube, I found this Indian cowboy song and dance number: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImoC-ib1Jhc

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