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March 27, 2007


...the only warmth in my life is the heated toilet seat.


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This is so much different from poems about Greek Pots how?

good old potty-san
now i feed you like i have
fed corporate beast

life, bowel movement
weigh the same in the great scheme
oh god i'm depressed

beautiful young wife
now bitter and wrinkled shrew
i have flushed my life

I thought it said "pottery."

My wife is waiting!! until she can grab half of my pension

I guess some concepts cross all cultural boundries.

Only my navigation system says "well done" and recognizes my services...
Today's nav tracking is amazing, but don't try this at work:


Stevie W, I'm lucky that the satellite's resolution isn't good enough to recognize my face!

this is just depressing.

very disturbing good, mud!!

solitude my life
the toilet my companion
sorrow my swan song

soon now retirement
things will be different then
will be super-nice

i am regarded
with indifference by my wife
as i was at work

Goth-salarymen. A bit self-absorbed are we?

Nice haikus, mud.

"I've stashed away quite a bit Not money but body fat"
Some of those are so sad, and yet so funny at the same time. I am a bastard for laughing at them.

a quote from mudstuffin, our resident expert on the art form:
the poetic form senryu is, like a haiku, a japanese three-line poem of 17 syllables (in english) but is different from haiku in that the subject matter can be human, and can be humorous. what passes for haiku on the blog are more accurately senryu, but i suppose a real practioner of that art would hack off my head with a samurai sword for saying so.

Just thought y'all might like the "official" definition...

Page 2,- way more interesting

Nice, Gad, but I'd add another line:

Page 2
way more interesting
volumes spoken

I anticipated much in the second half of my life. I found it empty. Yes, like Page 2.

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