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March 22, 2007


Presenting: The Dram Sandal

(Via Gizmodo)


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"How come the rum and coke tastes like feet?"

"Nevermind that - why does the choco-tini taste like @ss?"

Drinking champagne from a slipper is so much more romantic.


I wouldn't like drinking from these.

These shoes are made for drinking
And that's just what I'll do
Once I drink from these shoes
I'm gonna barf all over you.

The perfect container! Everyone knows that toe-jam-atinis should be served at foot temperature.

*snork* @ ducky!

I'm taking the cordless drill to my platform heels right now.

not very stylish looking, I would prefer to go beerfoot

I'll have my cosmopolitoen now, please....


So I need a special key that I'm going to lose to get to my beverage? Thanks anyway.

Annie - please pass your champagne pump. Thanks.

Siouxie, how 'bout a margaritoe?

yummmy, Ducky!! frozen toe too!

I have underwear like this.

cocktail anyone?


Has the clock on the blog been changed to reflect
Daylight Saving Time (aka Summer Time)?

And if not, do we blame the blog or the Blog?

D'oh! Supposed to be "mofeetoes"

Pina Toelada, anyone?

Toequila Sunrise

Rusty Toenail

How 'bout some Long Island Ice Toes??

I totally would drink that dry in one drink

new meaning to dirty feet martini

All that while I was away, huh? I feel left

To the nameless above- the Blog is blameless in all things, unless he laughs at Mrs. Blog's fat lip when he said he wouldn't.

Have a Socks on the Beach from my flip flop. Or a Mai-Toe, or Sex with an Alligator (the last isn't a foot pun- just too good to change)

good one, Ducky!

Hi Siouxie! I'll take two!

Gin and toenic, please. On the socks.

ddd!! I love Mai Toes!!! and sox on the beach!

*slow comfortable shoe*

Hold on a minute - I have to mai tai shoes.

Whiskey and warter?

Siouxie, on that thread, how about a Shoedriver?

*Bourbon Peach Hobbler*

Let's not forget Amarettoe.

Toe jam fizz?

marfie- ewwww!


Would you prefer a margafeeta instead?

martoeni with cocktail bunions??

On the plus side, if you blow out your flip flop you can just drink a margerita right then instead of limping back home.....


BlogBar's Open!!!

We're featuring a Toe for One special on Shoeters!

*snork at bunions*
*snorks all around!!*

I'll take a couple of lemon drop shoeters, CJ!! LOL

I'll have a snork of that when it comes around . . .

One for the road - make it a Bloody MaryJane.

right now I'm ready for a shot of teqheela...

I'll have a Tom McCollins

Is this why you have to take your shoes off at the airport?

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