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March 27, 2007


Presenting the Relaxone.
(Via Gizmodo)


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If it had an HDTV, it would be the FIRST place I'd go to chill out!

is there room for two (if you know what I mean)?

Hmmm, add a beer keg and tap, a catheter, and the abovementioned HDTV, and we might have something here.

Psychoacoustic Stimulation reminds me of VP Crazy Noah, IYKWIM.

There's always room for two, assuming at least one of them has a little creativity (and a lot of flexibility).

That is, Crazy Noah.

Looks like a proctology exam being given to a snowman.

"Pac-Man, you get that out of your mouth right now! You don't know where its been!"

Does it have an orgasmatron??

And a good morning to all!!

two words: flatulence, claustrophobia.

Mornin', Siouxie! Extra points awarded for the Sleeper reference before 10AM!

"damn, I ordered those imperial storm trooper helmets in metric sizes!"

Nanoo Nanoo....

*wants to take up "Relaxation by Induction"*

FIRST! only birds came from eggs.
THEN! panty hose came from eggs.
NOW! someone wants to convince me PEOPLE come from eggs?

Say, isn't that how Mork travelled to Earth?

Wooo hooo!! extra points too! thanks, Hammie!

Ya know...I hate to be picky but...that gal would look a hell of a lot better if she weren't wearing those hideous shoes...something strappy coming out from the gigantemous helmet would be nice...right?

oh and LOL to insom...that's what that looks like to me too.

VERY "Spaceballs".

Pamala, THIS is the biggest implant we have!

I think I'd like one of those "Cone of Silence" thingies.. wouldn't you, Chief?

Soundspace looks like something for your pet (or apouse) to keep them from chewing up their stitches and bandages...

OMG! check out "Soundspace" on that site. THAT's a helmet.


This is what I needed when my twins were toddlers. Add a martini and it's Mom's time-out!

*zips in™*

Morning everyone from rainy, wintery, windy su.so.ca.

Siouxie, that's the FIRST thing I thought too - what's up with those shoes?

Message for Punkin: Yankee game is on ESPN at 10 PDT today!
Be there or be square.

"DAMMIT! For the LAST time, it is NOT funny for you to take a dump in my Relaxone!"

"So, next time it will be funny?"


Yes kibby F5™ hense my Nanoo Nanoo......

"The individual’s free will and lucidity are not affected during the session. The two cerebral hemispheres tend to converge to a perfect synchronization....."

Check, please!!!

*wishes upon a star that a friend would get one of these*

"Where's Emily?"

"Oh, she's in her Relaxone over there, melting away the day's worries."

*walks over right next to it*

"Wow, did you see the size of the spider that just crawled in there?"



Nice one, C-bol! lol

"Hey, I was about to get into the Relaxone!"

"First come, first served, loserpants!"

"Fine. Then you can spray the wasp nest."

*Pokes around inside.....*

Well, at least now we know what the guy who designed the Pacer is doing these days.

The perfect means of relaxation for the claustraphobic person.

Hum, a personal planetarium. COOOOOL

*starts singing Star Treck'n across the universe to himself*

What really happened the day Twit left rehab after just one day...

Welcome to our new center. Here we use a new form of aversion therapy. We start you out in the Relaxone using K-Fed 24/7. The second week we pipe in Barry M. If you are still alive the third week we pull out all the stops and switch over to Cher.

NO!!!!! I'm cured - let me out of here.

Quote from the ad: "It creates a welcoming protected space, perfectly adapted to the occupant."

And yet, her feet stick out the bottom. Not so perfectly adapted, perhaps?

My bad.

Dang it!

Sorry about the italics. I can't seem to turn them off....

OK - Someone else try!

Are we OK now?

Heh. Diva left her >s showing. LOL

It looks like the chair Number 2 sat in in the Prisoner. (I'm not a number...)

...I am a free man!

(or at least fairly affordable)

Oh man, that giant ping pong ball ate that poor woman...

Hey! Quit looking at my >s!

Sorry.... you were saying something, Diva?

the SoundSpace "replaces speakers and headphones"!? certainly not because it's small and easily transportable.

*Tugs her skirt down to cover her >s*

Is that better, meanie? ;)

"Honey, does this Relaxone make my head look big?"

"Of course not, Honey. But it sure makes your breasts look small...OW!!!"


Hey, CH - did you ever find your eyebrows? I never did see hide nor hair (ha!) of them...

Yeah, but is it compatible with my iPod?

I'm not even sure it's compatible with an [b]8-track[/b]....


8 track


*Tosses a hyphen up a post*

For the past week, this has been my method of relaxation. And on top of that, it's enhanced my productivity like nothing else!

I'm always suspicious of relaxation enhancing devices that allow the inventers/developers to actually bring the thing out onto the market.

I mean, if it was really that relaxing, you'd just sort of... you know... *yawn*... get around to it tomorrow and stuff.

Besides, the kids would tickle your feet. Just sayin'.

Nice ]s, Diva!

Yeah. I left the pair of those hanging on display. Better cover up before someone else comes along and sees 'em.


There's something really suggestive about my bot captcha....


(But(t) it's not tired!!!)

Siouxie - you're a very bad girl....just spent WAY too much time trying to get past level 12 there...Finally made it after about 30 tries....

Relaxone? Most guys already have one of these - it's called the bathroom.

huh?? what did I do???

Siouxie - she meant to say 'schadeboy.' But you're STILL a very bad girl. Don't evah change.

Yep, Annie figured me out. SORRY!!

It distracted me so bacly....

See, so distracted, I can't even spell!

Change "c" to "d", s'il vous plait.

Whewww! I got a rep to keep up 'round here.

Schadeboy and sthn...made it after 30 tries too! That's a good one. Here's another good one.

It kinda looks like a white m&m that passed out after some kind of drunken binge. (hic)

Imagine if you put in the wrong CD--there are some kinds of music you do NOT want to be immersed in.

Under "Numerous Utilizations" (you know it's bad when they've already hit the miscellaneous cop-out by the fourth bulleted benefit) they list "Congress Centers." I don't see how.

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