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March 23, 2007


(Thanks to Ray)


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What is there to even say about a dumass like this?

See! Don't ask us what we're thinking about!

Except that I am FIRST to say there is nothing to say!!! ;)

Good point, Hammond. ;) And thanks for ruining the trifecta I was going for! Just kidding. :)

"We would slaughter a goat and roast it and would drink cow's blood mixed with milk," he says. "That is the traditional Maasai welcome and she would be our guest."

yeah that's going to happen

I'm sure Giselle was also thinking about goats.

giselle thinks?

Who is this Giselle person?

Oh, and he was standing next to his wife. Of course he's going to say he was thinking about goats.

"His nomadic lifestyle is one he does not want to leave."

Um -- aren't nomads wanderers? Methinks he leaves frequently, no?

" 'To have goats and cattle is more important than modeling,' he said..."

Keseme Ole Parsapaet, Ole Pal, you have spoken words of wisdom.

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