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March 22, 2007


(Thanks to Chaz)

UPDATE: And here are the runners-up.

(Thanks to ozgeorge)


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#1 & PDT

I woulda been FIRST, but my credit card broke....and silly me, I stopped to read the articles.

"Officers staying at the hotel searched the pair's room after smelling an unusual odour."

If I had a nickel for every time there was an unusual odour in a man's room...

Isn't a little unfair to charge them five times each for the same crime? Well maybe not. They deserve it.

Dumb people seem to have such dumb luck.

Beppie, if only dumb people have dumb luck, then....
...wait a minute....never mind.

More morons in the news...

"...the flat owner..." - must they get so personal? I'm sure she has a nice personality.

AWBH - read faster

Ach, that crime just screams "ich bin ein berliner."

w132: You're a potato?

cj - no more Doc Martinis for you.

Potato...I thought I was a donut!

Actually, I owe w132 one. I had read, years ago that by adding 'ein' into the phrase, it translated to 'I am a potato.'

Turns out [I searched several sites] that it theoretically translated into 'I am a jelly doughnut.'

Further research taught me that the whole story was silly, in Berlin, from the start. Berliners would never use 'ein Berliner' for 'a jelly doughnut.' Southwest Germans would say that, as they might say 'one of those great jelly doughnuts we had in Berlin.' But not in Berlin where the speech was made. *fills w132's glass from Sio's vodka pump*

Danke schön, CJ! We'll ignore the boner. *giggle*


Those runner-ups got charged with having a "drug utensil". What's that? I'm picturing a wacky kind of spoon or fork.

Ya mean like the sporks ya get at KFC?

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