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March 25, 2007


What can Jack do with floating rib fragments and internal bleeding in his chest?


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First to vote for all of the above.
But since I don't watch, will it still count?

Second!!! I've never been second to post so far! Yay!

I'm guessing not much.

Of course, this won't stop Jack from performing many feats of physical agility in tomorrow night's episode.


(NOTE: This is the same answer that goes to the 'What can an 800 pound gorilla do...?' type jokes, except Jack's was written first. Nobody beats Jack Bauer to a punchline!)

uhhh...have a cross-over episode with 'House' ?

Whip Chuck Norris' ass?

Now THAT would be funny!

Jack could stab House in the thigh and fix his freakin' leg!

I think what Dave is trying to say, is that: Audrey is dead! And moreover, why does he care about solving the mystery of her death? I mean, I don't.

Snork @CJ

And that will never keep Jack from his amazing ability to always have time for a close shave, even when the world is threatened with nukes.

Well, if Jack actually ever ate anything, I might say that he could rip out that floating rib fragment and use it as a toothpick, but that obviously doesn't work.

Awdrey is NOT dead. You heard it here 256th.

Oh and, yay for Kristina for being second!

Fox forgot: there is no #3.

5. Find Audrey alive and throttle her to death

gets my vote.

But then, I'm an optimist.

Dip his own damn rib fragment into his own damn blood and write his own damn episode that will be worth watching tomorrow night?

Um, hello, use his rib fragment to fashion himself a lovely help mate.

ooh, I would like to see him on "House". House is like six three or something, and Jack Bauer is like... well, let's just say he woudl not tower over anyone on that show. Until he shot them all in various body parts and made them collapse that is.

*snork* at beppie.
dodges lightning...

Is that all Jack can do? I think the list was way too short.

e. Create "abstract art."

sheesh people...it's just a flesh wound

Good one, insom -- but don't go giving them ideas! I don't want the Wooden Dialogue Generator lurking anywhere near "House."

On the other hand . . . House could reduce the WDG to matchsticks with one glare. Maybe this could work after all.

Don't get your hopes up. No way is Audrey dead. It's another cheap shot by the writers. Now Jack can act'mournful, moody, & melancholy' (blarrrccckkkk!!!).

also - "Floating Rib Fragments" WBAGNFA band on a Goth cruise ship.

Lastly - HUGE objection to the '24' site saying 'every woman's fantasy is to kiss Jack.' (blerrrcccckkkk!!!)

Post-lastly - ATTENTION WRITERS - what the show needs is a hot, worthy villainess for Jack. He wants her, but he has to waste her. Chloe would rock in a techno-nerd cat fight with the bad girl, no?

It is Sunday night, and I'm in a mood.

Post-post lastly - yay! to Kristina L - You're #2!

Annie, if she's not dead, I'd settle for a severe limp.

As far as the floating rib fragments and internal bleeding goes, Jack would probably be able to rig up a nice weapon using those, don't ya think?

Annie, would that Goth cruise ship be called "Ship of Ghouls?" :-)

Steve, I'd settle for a severed limb.

floating rib fragments and internal bleeding in his chest...i don't know!

wait a minute....rib fragments....internal bleeding...Jack has


Wait...Audrey ISN'T dead? DANGIT!! I hate when poeple tease me!

Folks, Audrey is indeed dead (♪ ding, dong, etc... ♫), but the writers are merely laying the groundwork for her successor.

Morning all.......

*lays out breakfast of spare ribs and tomato juice*

i am appalled at those bloggers that would put Jack and House in the same sentence. is here no sanity left? but the ribs and tomato juice is a very nice touch Poo.

Mmmmmmm ..... fragments......

Good site

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