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March 22, 2007


UPDATE: And then...

SECOND UPDATE: I just read the comments. You people are twisted. In a good way.


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can he get me into this site?

Run with the worms? Cool.... Finally a race where even I could keep up!

it's 8 am and I'm looking at pigs and worms, and I've got nuttin'.

A pork industry conference. The perfect place for a Jew.

"Gruntin' in Sopchoppy".. didn't Faulkner write that one?

"Hello, Mr Swine, will you be attending the conference next week?"

"What's the topic?"

"Enhanced breeding thru manual and electric porcine ejaculatory devices"

"Sign me up!"

or was it Sinclair Lewis?

*Gets PowerPork slideshow ready*

Punkin, I get the electric but what is a "manual" ejaculatory device

Russelmc - wasn't it Hamingway?

Harry it has something to do with slapping the ham.

my dog has worm...and I am selling tickets to that! (just kidding - dog doesnt have worms - no animal was harmed in a anyway)

Hey! Watch the slapping around here!

Or maybe it's bopping the bologna.

or maybe Katherine Anne Porker in Trough of Fools...

beating the bacon?

I got nothing....

*slaps Hammie just for the heck of it*

The article only names "one of the top ten pork producers". You can find the rest by reading the Federal Register.

Tchachopski's Swine Lake?

Handling the hamhock?

slakin' the bacon?

slicing the salami?

ok...on that note...lunchtime!!

Driving the weinermobil?

Wasn't it about grinding the pork?

*waxes some whitemeat*

"Palming by Petunia"

'Maximising throughput in the production system'
This conference is about manure production??

Pulled pork?

Shakin' bacon?

Hey, didn't His Blogness drive the weinermobile?
**bats eyes innocently**

Pork grind?

Yes, he did. But he was single at the time, and he didn't go blind.
**eyes bat innocently**

workin' wilbur

th th th th that's all

AWBH, you leave that bat alone.

Saskatoon - the hotbed of pork-related excitement in which I live.

Why, thank you, Ham

It's snout what you think.

Geezer alert

Zonking the Ziffle?

I once grunted worms, but the doctor gave me medicine and it went away.

Pumping the pickle loaf?

waiting for someone to say, 'that will do pig -that will do'

Why would I call my travel agent "Update?"

Taming the baloney pony?

"The entry fee, which includes a t-shirt, is $12.00 for early registrants"

What kind of t-shirt do I need to bring?

flogging the hog?
inspiring the swine?

Spanking the swine?

Gripping the grisle?

Fluffing the franks and beans?

Punkin Poo, see what you started?

*paws the prosciutto*

Yikes... did you see that news item dated 20 Mar 2007: "More fishmeal to feed Chinese pigs." Looks like China is planning to raise anchovy-flavored hogs. Coming soon: "Pork with two flavors."

Brain bleach -- and tastebud bleach -- stat!

Rousing the razorback?

Gadfly - I noticed that too. But you have the option of going shirtless for only $7. Such a deal.

(btw - the entire article is a jpg or bmp - I couldn't cut & paste text from it - WTFBBQ?)

handles el jamon...

for the smaller guy...priming the pepperoncini?

A turn for the wurst.

Makin' bacon.

Bopping the brautwurst?

*snorking* the sausage...

Don't need to call my travel agent - I'm already in Saskatoon!

(And sadly yes, this is one of the big highlights of the Saskatchewan social calendar, right up there with Vetavision and Agribition. What do you expect from a province with this as its highest-circulation newspaper?)

Ahem ... let's try that link again ... Agribition. Not like anyone's going to click it anyway, it's just the principle of the thing.

Poundin' the Pork.

jiggin' the pig?

Mr. Death - Well come next winter you will have to try the Ft. Worth Stock Show.

Wow, Mr. Death - can there be truly two bloglits living happily as pigs in shitSaskatoon?

Sio, you might want to re-think that pepperoncini one [just, Ow!].

Makin' sausage gravy? [EEWWwwww!]

Some pig.

Well, Neil G, it's not like there's anything else to do here except surf blogs all day.

Unless you're really, really, into pigs.

I am truly honored to know you guys. *wipes tear from eye* ...

Choked ham?

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