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March 23, 2007


(Thanks to the indefatigable DavCat14)


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My tomb will be full of life.

And a pinata (please put a squiggly thing over my n).

But I'm sure he's expecting her to do all the cleaning and upkeep on the tomb...

I mean, he PAID for it. All she has to do is live in it....

(ducks and runs for cover)

Boy, he better make sure he don't get some crazy b!tch or eternity will really suck!

A hearse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long case?"

Li and ??
In T-O-M-B


(I give you pity because you're losing A-holeRod)

Hey, Punkin, he's batting over .600 and we have him all year. How's Manny's ebay grill auction coming along?

Got my bid in! j/k


Sorry, Li, dead or not, she's STILL gonna ask you what you're thinking.

Wasn't this on the last episode of Bones?

Bids for Manny's grill went up to $100,000,000.

See, even his charred meat scraps go for more than A-Tard and Jeter combined.

(Yeah, okay, I'm reaching....)

KLA - sure was.

Who gets to be on top? Or is it a side by side no contact thing?

Punkin - they cancelled the auction. It wasn't his grill. And Ortiz went postal on Manny when he found out he was doing it. Tee-hee!

I'm telling his mummy.

Nah. I'm just avoiding the 'bot somehow. (Knock on Walter) This myopia of mine renders t's and i's identical in 'botvision.

Rise up against the 'bot.

Did it again !!

Rise up against the 'bot.

Busted. That last bragging episode brought in the federales. I pushed the envelope and must now pay my debt to the mighty 'bot

mike - it's not easy bein' green, is it?

Sheesh. The downside on this proposal is, just after they get buried together, she'll want to cuddle...

...or curdle....

Just as long as he stays on his side of the crypt.

Do you think perhaps he is making a grave mistake?

If he is, well, it's his funeral.

*snork* @ Annie, AFKAT, Beppie, and CJ way up there!

A single Chinese man named Li
Decided to send out a plea
In death, he wants to share
His tomb with a lady fair
And give up his chance to RIP.

If my living father heard about this, he'd roll over in his bed.

*Shakespearean snork* @ writerl32!

Li is a grave man...

*is shocked Li thought of this while in a bar*

>*is shocked Li thought of this while in a bar*

Gad, guys usually think of females when they are in a bar (or anywhere else for that matter). This guy just takes a longer term view.

This is a great idea for a new online matching service!


That's frickin' brilliant, Ducks!!!


*snorks*@ BA 'n' Ducky!

I got dibs on Anna Nicole Smith.

Thanks, ddiva & CJ!

*shuddering snork* @ Stevie!

Sorry, SW, but ANS is about like this synthesized bass, keyboard, and rhythm my old stand-by is inflicting tonight....

Eternal bliss. How nauseating.

whatever happened to ''til death do us part'?

Exactly, Annie. It has to end sometime, doesn't it? :)

private message to Annie - can we do something nice for Punkin? It must hurt to be so jealous of the NYY and A-Rod.It's not easy being Red, either.

With apologies to the Beach Boys:

There's a grave where I'll behave and you'll be welcome too-
In my tomb,
In my tomb.

With last rites you'll say goodbye to worries and your fears-
In my tomb,
In my tomb.

Decomposing, fetid steaming
Lie like broccoli
Where you going, yelling, screaming?
Like a crazed banshee?

Now it's dark and I'm alone but I won't be afraid
In my tomb,
In my tomb.

*soaks divebag on porch in tomato juice*

Is that my new nickname, CJ?

I didn't think I was THAT old!

I think I'll have to pass on this one!

BTW Stevie- ANS will just give you a contact high into the next life.

OK- well the blogomatic coffeemaker is going off for me at 4am so I need to catch some ZZZZs before my shift tomorrow.

Peace out, boogers!

El - I think the only thing we can do for punkin is hope for a swift and merciful end to her playoff hopes.

btw - not to jinx it or anything, but guess who's currently winning the office NCAA pool? And yes, CJ, I have Florida to win it. Don't let me down, ok?

*snork* at El's "not easy being Red."

Go, Annie! If you win the pool, are you having a party for your blog buddies?

Oh, and good job, ddd! Sweet dreams!

Sure, jd. Everyone's invited. It'll be at Dave's place.
Gotta go dance with the vacuum cleaner now.

Nighty-night, Annie! Have fun with the dirtbag! ;-)

are they gonna let the "Junior" (American) league play with the big boys (National) league this year?? *takes cover from projectiles coming from AWBH's and El's way* ;-D

Hey Ducky......I leave in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * wets $6,900 worth of panties.*

Gotta go dance with the vacuum cleaner now.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 09:54 PM on March 23, 2007


housework sucks!

Jazzzz--how exciting! It's almost time! However, I think you might want to decrease your fluid intake somewhat beforehand.

*waves at Siouxie night maid*

Jazzzzie!! why fer are you wetting yer panties???

*waves back @ Ducky!!*

OK...very LTTG but...what if Mr. Li was to be cremated...how can I fit in that little jar?? It's not gonna work.

Hey sweet Siouxie!!!........I will be "inside the ropes" at Augusta National for The Masters golf tournament. look for me on tv. :-D

Hey Jazzzzie!! I forgot!! you should be here this weekend @ the Doral game...Tiger's leading so far.

Siouxie: "Does this urn make my @ss look fat?"

anywho...it's bedtime for me

sweet dreams all ;-)

*snork* @ Ducky!!!


I'm following it closely Sio....They showed the Miami skyline today...I looked for you, but you must have been busy.

Nighty-night, Siouxie! Sweet dreams!

Jazzzz, do you happen to know the stats on how often Tiger wins when he's leading going into the final round?

G'nite to yoose guys. I'm headed there myself. And a belated *snork* @ Ducky.

Not off hand Ducky, but I believe it is above 90%

I thought I'd heard he almost always wins when he's leading going into the last day. It would be great to have that kind of talent!

Nighty-night, Jazzzz! Sweet dreams!

"Does this urn make my @ss look fat?"


Does this urn make my ash look fat?

Nice song, ddd. Bury good.

And back to ANS for a sec: I always dreamt of jumping her bones.

*whispers "mornng!" to all awake blogits*

*Takes a cuppa 'stun' in go cup*

See y'all tonight!

Have agreat trip Jazzzz- and when you change planes in the ATL (you know you do!), let me know- send an email at amattke1@aol.com. Maybe we can intubate some innocent bystander.

thanks ddd, I took so long catching up, I almost let the coffee get cold. Need some of that Jolt&trade gum...

Wakes up *snorking* @ SteveW. Thanks, buddy. *cleans coffee spew from screen*

*sweep, sweep, shovel, shovel*

Morning!! Gorgeous day, time to rub the sleep out of the eyes and participate in the ritual battle between fish and worms!

I'm pullin' for the fish, in hopes they end up on your plate tonight. Save some for me. Mornin' CJ!!

*zips in™*

Morning, all!

Siouxie, I'm a huge Tiger fan too, and have been watching. I love how when he gets the lead, the others that he was sharing it with immediately fold, like -sorry Tiger, didn't mean to hog the spotlight for a minute there. :)

Jazzzz, I know you're more of a golf obssessive fanatic expert than I am, but I thought it was waaaaay more than 90%. (too early in the a.m. here in su.so.ca. to google)

Don't count Ernie out just yet. One of these days he or Lefty is gonna beat him.

Ms Su." I'd rather be dead than date you!"

Mr.Li, "Works for me!"

Lay (may I call you that?):)

I'm a big Ernie Els fan. And Retief Goosen, too. So, when Tiger, for some inexplicable reason fades, that's who I root for.

Baby Huey not so much. :)

Hey Layzee!!! Ernie or Phil will beat Tiger someday, but it will be a "Man bites dog" story.

Tiger uses eagle on first hole to stretch Doral lead to 4.

I dunno what that means but it sounds kinda kinky.


It means he's winning, Siouxie!


I noticed there's a link that is called "Bad Taste" at the page on ananova.


El, I knew that!!! LOL

I saw him play here two years ago when I volunteered to be one of those people that shhhhhh everyone up!! THAT was fun!!! LOTS of cute players that year....yummmo!

El, LOL. That's a funny picture. He looks like one of my frequent golf partners who always has to sneak into the woods to relieve himself. (He actually keeps TP in his golf bag).

Honey, I have a bone and a bone and a bone and a bone,THIS COULD GO ON FOR ETERNITY, to pick with you!

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