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March 23, 2007


Be on the lookout.

(Thanks to JerseyGirl)


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Seems like there is should be a good joke for being caught with their pants done here.... Just can't seem to think of one!

Must be the Albanian teachers.

They'll be charged with gross negligeence.

Forget the undies. I wanna steal the two end models in that picture.

Hmmm...we haven't heard much about Twatney lately...

and LOL Stevie!!!!

Police said the thieves took over $6,900 in panties and more than $4,900 in bras.

They should be pretty easy to spot, then.

shocked that women in NJ wear undies.

Why would they want UN-used panties? Jus askin'

Unless she is trying to put them on while drunk and driving erratic so as to hit a car with such force that the aforementioned, just-paid-off, second car crashes through a fence.

*Checks unit*

Good to go!

We can rule out Britney & Paris... What would they even do with underwear??

Police said the thieves took over $6,900 in panties and more than $4,900 in bras.

Well, that should fit one average-sized American woman, right?

I just noticed on the Reuters page in their "Popular Searches" that Obesity is right there with Al Gore.

gentlemen: if you figure you have 10 pair of boxers or briefs in your underwear drawer, and you wear them each for a year, and you live to be 80 years old and you spend an average of $5.00 each and that you started wearing underpants when you were three, you will have spent $3,850 on underpants in your entire life. them dudes stole a lot of underwear.

Ah, but if you're one of those women who wear it once, then toss it to the crowd as a souvenir, then it doesn't last nearly as long!

*snork* @ stevie!

Ummm, DPC? Those aren't 'models.' You're not one of those wo-mannequinizers, are you?

At least a mannequin doesn't ask, "What are you thinking about?"
At least, that's what I'm told.....

jon, yes but them splinters are a b!tch!

Ah, thanks for that safety tip, Siouxie!
Have to be careful around a good piece of wood.

I asked them to just get me some large undergarments with lift.... Not lift a large amount of undergarments!

(Never ask a New Jersey-ite, Jersey-an, Jer...oh fuggedabouddit)

*Wonders what she'll do with all these tiny, lacey underthings....*

Nobody wants to pull a boner around a good piece of wood, Jon.

Did anyone notice the headline says "ATTENTON ALL NEW JERSEY UNITS"?

Yes, but most of us are too polite to point it out.

Most of us.

I claim no such social skill, Punkin. :)

All are welcome here, w132, no matter how especially if you're socially inept. ;p

Yes, it should say, "At Trenton, All Eunuchs..."

Any particular reason they had to use the word "snatch"? :7(

*takes underwear off head* YAY!

So they gave the cops the slip?

Starts day *snorking* @ SteveW, ends day *snorking* @ SteveW. Yep, normal day. G'nite folks

Shhhhhhhh, it's supposed to be a Secret.

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