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March 23, 2007




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Bovine Beano?

"Cut down on flying, sell the car and recycle your bottles. But if you really want to tackle global warming, you should stop your cow from burping."


Don't fly(terrifies me)
No car
Recycle bottles
No cow

So if the world is going to environmental h*ll in a basket, at least I don't have to feel too guilty.


'scuse me

"Our aim is to increase the wellbeing of the cow, to reduce the greenhouse gases produced and to increase agricultural production all at once," said Winfried Drochner, professor of animal nutrition, who has led the groundwind-breaking project at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

I hereby pledge to not own any cattle and further reduce the amount of high-emission cattle whenever possible.

*fires up barbeque grill*

How 'bout I just teach it to say "Excuse me?"

whats with the plethera of cow stories recently? Cattle conspiracy...

At least it doesn't come in suppository form.

The fist-sized plant-based pill...

that's some pill.

I dunno, I have a real hard time believing that cow emissions are a main contributor of greenhouse gases. But that's just me.

And a fist-sized pill? Sheesh.

Instead of Maalox they should call it Moolox.

wonders if we should recycle our flying cows too...

C-girl-you mean you don't do that already?

A pill the size of your fist? That might be a little hard to hide in their food.

I would hate to be the one to administer that pill. sounds like a job for that guy who does "dirty jobs" on tv

I suggest we give the pill to Gore.

I dont think it's the burps that are the problem. It's the other end of the cow they need to be concerned with.

Maybe that farmer who was attacked by his own cows had mistaken these as bovine suppositories. There has to be some explanation.

This pill squelches bovine belches?

I can see where a fist-sized pill would keep the cows from burping... or breathing....

How does this "increase the wellbeing of the cow"?
Are they easily embarrassed by belching?

At least it's a fist-sized pill, & not a fist-sized suppository!

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