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March 24, 2007


Land of the Free


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He also says that Albuquerque is one of the fittest cities so it's only appropriate that it has fit hamsters.

FIRST to page Richard Gere!!

Racing without betting ... like N/A beer. What's the point? Hamster fitness?

I missed the 'bot again ! What is this thing doing?

"They're out of the gates, it's Cabbage by a head, Girdle in the stretch, and at the finish, it's Feedelbom, by a whisker."

(Thanks to Spike)

But do they allow recreational hamster smoking?

I wonder if they test for hamsteroids.

Maybe they are so fit because they eat the hampsters after the race is done?


I posted this on the "Bachelor" thread but just in case Jazzzzie and El miss that...here it is again:

Tiger uses eagle on first hole to stretch Doral lead to 4.

I dunno what that means but it sounds kinda kinky.


Back to hamster fittings.

Come to think of it...it 'fits' this thread too...

Recreational Hamster Racing WBAGNFARB

I'm guessing the hamster jockey's union had something to do with this.

I am not sure which sports thread is more compelling?

a) He also says that Albuquerque is one of the fittest cities so it's only appropriate that it has fit hamsters.


b) Tiger uses eagle on first hole to stretch Doral lead to 4.

Eagles, Tigers, Hamsters and Holes! Oh My!

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez says hamster racing is legal in the city as long as the fuzzy critters are treated humanely and no bets are placed.

So I guess this would still be illegal?

They may have a fit city, but that news team looks a bit low on the perkiness scale. What is that look on their faces? Did the guy with the camera show them his himster?

The newsguy's name is Dick Knipfing. Sounds painful. It's best he stay away from hamsters.

That's Richard Gere's brother.

Halftime entertainment provided by...uh-oh...

I was looking at the ad for "Pork and Brew" ... Is prositution legal in New Mexico?

OK, Jazzzz... it's time for the groupie to come home!

Whuuuut??? ;-D
Speaking of "groupie(r). how did the fishin' go?

"He also says that Albuquerque is one of the fittest cities so it's only appropriate that it has fit hamsters."

And their gerbils fit even better. Or so I hear.

Last time I attended a Dick Knipfing we all toasted with Manischewitz and cheered "Poifect!"

Then we ate.

Every once in a while an interloper into our horse racing group sez: "Why do you need to bet? Couldn't you just watch them run around?"


Dave, I went to school at UNM (my last two years) and my sister taught me to spell it AL-BU-QUEr_que. God love her, I've never forgotten. (Our dad lives there.) I hate spelling tests.


The Kingston Trio is on KLRU.

They're lookin' a little long in the tooth. But they can still sing. (Although they were a bit before my time.)

I feel old. Sigh.

/End OT

Stevie, you cheered circumspectly, right?

No kidding, Moon. We say golf is just something to do while betting. I would think horse racing is the same. We have a track here, but I don't know enough about it to go and bet all of the winners.

Stevie - since it's Saturday Night, here's one of my favorite skits. (my dad swears it was a real commercial)

I'm dyin' here, Stevie!

It was interesting fishing country. We're well into, almost at the end of drought season. Everything was dense swamp forest and the last, low, almost stagnant water. Nothing but minnows and South American catfish that can live in a low flow toilet.

Then we found a spring bubbling up and everything changed. We followed it along for several hundred feet, and it's got everything except a place to stand. Of all places, this spring [or multiple] is bubbling up in a roadside swale! What makes that spot important is that it's on public land within walking distance of a friend's house. That was the mission today, to prove that fishing doesn't have to mean piling into the family car and going to a lake. No fish disturbed our peace, today, but I think I have figured out how to change that. Probably after we dig out two truckloads of beer bottles, tires, and flotsam!

How did you know they were South American? Did they speak Spanish? Were they cocaine "mules"? Did they try and sell you cheap jewely? These are things that keep me awake at night.

That SNL skit was priceless.

And hamster races are a big deal, folks. We eagerly await our local Petco Hamster Ball Derby on March 31st, when my daughter's hamster will try for a second time to "roll with the big boys".

The first hamster race he was in didn't go so well. He didn't get the concept of "roll forward" until after we brought him back home.

Oh, and they give prizes. Not the same as gambling, I guess, but the kids get pretty excited.

Hamsters can dance, too

Jazzz....don't encourage him. Now we're gonna get a lecture about all the different species of catfish. NTTAWWT

AWBH-I remember that ad- it had a diamond cutter cutting a "priceless" diamond int the rear seat of the car. At the end, instead of "poifect" he said perrrrrfect in an (I'd guess) Amsterdamish accent.

I really don't want to look up the name, they're another exotic in the wild that is supposed to be a problem for me. Generally, the Asian, African, and South American exotics are a problem in Florida waters. They can wipe out an entire stream. Mostly, they are released from aquariums and can be a problem. The South American catfish has thick plates more than scales, is almost jet-black and has a pointed nose like a sturgeon. That and the dorsal sombrero are a dead giveaway.

They're doing a new Steve Irwin-style nature series about CJ and his exploits. It'll be called "Catfish Hunter."

A catfish walked into a bar. The bartender asked, "Why the long whiskers?"

maybe that's why they dont have a really perky looking news team...........who gets the prizes? the hamsters or the people? i am confused.

*SNORK* @ dorsal sombrero

A catfish that comes with its own plate is an interesting concept.

Mayor Chavez, PETA just called and wanted to know under what conditions will the hamsters be racing, and is Richard Gere involved????? Oh wait that is gerbils....never mind, they just hung up.....

First its hamsters, then voles, then SQUIRRELS.

It is a squirrel plot to lure us all into accepting squirrel terrorism.

They're having a hamster race at our local Petco. I kinda wanna cover the event as a perky blog correspondent.

A fit Hamster that had a fit he lost but he didn't quit he raced and he raced till he won, now he's in Hamster heaven without a sun.And what that had to do with the Chinese toilet finder you'll never know.

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