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March 27, 2007


Whatever you do, do NOT flee to Australia.

(Thansk to Dan Traylor)


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And don't let your dog lick toads!!

Or, considering their size, let the toads lick your dog??

That Toad looks exactly like M. Jackson !

I think I know someone who wants to meet this rampant male...http://www.mediabum.com/html/Big-Snake-Eats-A-Huge-Frog.html

Sorry, I have forgotten how to do links...


Esther's link. (Cannot forget how to do links... does links for a freaking living...)

thanks CH. My brain is too overloaded with useless information to retain this between instances where I want to post something...

holy toady! riiiiiiiiiibet.

Whopping Hoppers and the Rampant Males WBAGNFARB, needless to say....

dog lick it? I was going to volunteer

Earwig Alert: Adam Raised a Cain by Bruce Springsteen

In the summer that I was baptized,
My father showed me the words he wrote,
And he put me in the water,
To see if I could float.
We were prisoners of love,
a love of frogs and dogs,
He was laughin’ in the doorway,
I was laughin' in the rain,
both with the same hot poison
burning in our veins,
Adam licked a cane.

All of the old faces,
Ask when you’re comin’ back,
And they give you a lick of froggy,
But the taste of sort of whack.
In the darkness of the game,
Your mother calls you by your true name,
You remember the names faces, the places busy,
You know it's still not over,
as you’re feeling sort of dizzy,
Adam licked a cane.

In the Bible Cain slew Abel
And East of Eden he was cast,
You're born into life frog licking,
for the sins of your amphibian past,
Daddy licked his whole life,
for nothing but the pain,
Now he walks these empty rooms,
looking for froggies to blame,
You inherit the sins,
you inherit the shame,
Adam licked a cane.

Licked but not forgotten,
from the dark part of the moat,
Adam licked a cane.

Rampant Male Frog WBAGNFARB

Maybe they need to develop a tasted for fried toad's legs.

That's a big toad, but I'm not sure if about a pound and a half really counts as "the size of a small dog".

Key quote, because I'm juvenile like that:
Mr Sawyer said he was surprised by the toad's sex.
Really, who wouldn't be?

It's the new best seller: "Run, Ribbet, Run"

"Toad busts"??? I don't even want to go there.

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