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February 14, 2007


A friend of this blog, David Golia, who is the husband of Big Lou the Accordion Princess and also plays bass in her band, Polka Casserole, sends this photo of a spot he and Big Lou recently visited:


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MMM Yummy!! First?

Is it automatic or do you have to feed it quarters and use a wand?

SNORK @Hammie. but the sad thing is that i had to think about it for a minute.

MMM Yummy!! First?

Dave is dropping names again.


Off to iTunes I go!!!!!!!!!!

Todays word, kids, is EEEEEEEEEEW.

Can YOU say Eeeeeeew???

Sounds like a very romantic getaway kinda place...

Hammie? for our horneymoon??

So if the liver is raw, it won't be washed?

Washing any kind of liver... urrkkk!

liver brings a flashback of last nights' House episode with the 25 ft long gross tapeworm. eeeeeew!

So if the liver is raw, it won't be washed?

Washing any kind of liver... urrkkk!

Is this like one of those "food & gas" signs you see along the highway. Cause if so, I think I'll wait for the next exit.

*Hoping for *"boiled lobster & pedicure" sign*

If I liver lived there, I'd move.

*snork* at Cheryl!
Or "Veal Marsala & Massage"

Paging Nurse Tammy...

Get a gander at Jazzzz and Hammie's socks... They turned out even better than I'd expected. Natural light makes all the difference.

*sends Dave an extra "s"*

Could've been worse, could've been wurst.

Liver and bacon and onions and mashed potato....droooooollll....sets off to supermarket....

LOL Cheryl!

"Yup, you go up there past Fried Liver Wash, then take a left at Head Cheese Draw. Follow Chitlins Gorge for about a mile, the listen for the accordions."

It's the typo that's important. It's supposed to read Flied Liver Wash.

Add an "n"

I'm with you Dr A. Sounds like the perfect VD meal.

For some reason this reminds me of a funeral home I saw in a small town in Ireland in 1978... There were gas pumps out front.

I would vote for a man who likes liver and onions. Dr. or not.

or the sound of dueling banjos, Hammie....

Off to bed, 'nite all

Nighty-night, Mot!

Nite, Mot!!!

Mot, as close as I can figger, matinee?

Siouxie! How's that Ming Dynasty vase?

BTW, lunch with Mom was truly delicious. Plus there were red and white balloons everywhere, and a king and queen were voted on and crowned. And four kinds of cheesecake!

*lady-like burp*

'Scuse me.

Hey Sioux - Thanks for the past blast!

That kid grew up. You can check out his new video
under Banjo Boy. Dream Big is also incredible.

sounds like finger a manatee

That was my first attempt. Let me try, try again.

Ducky, ask CH! we had the most interesting conversation! (he may still be a little sore).

wow...sounds deeeeelish!

I'm taking my hot date daughter to a nice lobster dinner tonight ;-)

You have to click on Banjo Boy. Sorry, it was my virginal voyage with the textlinkythingamajig.

But worth it.

Happy VD all. Going to get the breats and referee the madness, but in a good way.

I think CH may still be in a faint.

Lobster dinner sounds yummy! Mr. Ducky and I will go out for a nice dinner somewhere, but not tonight. Maybe over the weekend. It will be way too crowded tonight for his tastes, so I'll fix something nice at home.

Thanks for the banjo boy, Med, that was great! Happy V Day to you!

*flaps off to take dog to vet*

Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and The Rubberbands is my mantra. I know you wanted to ask but were afraid to.

The slideshow of Shroeder's makes it look like fun. One of the guys was quoted as saying something like: "Polka is better than aerobics, because in aerobics there is no beer."

That's nothing. "Hungry Mother State Park" is off I-81 in SW Virginia.

CH was shopping... decided against the back-hair shaver. Didin't like the idea of ingrown hairs.

Also didn't care for the fact that the packaging is clearly designed to appeal to gay men. NTTAWWT, but it ain't me.

Well, when me and my baby go on romantic camping get aways, she often kneels down waist deep in the river after we set up camp. I play the accordian. We refer to this ritual as "washing the Tuna." Does anyone else do this when camping?........oh.

Ducky....we are eating in tonight also (went out for sushi last night, I need a Midol™)

That time of the month, Jazzzzie?

Jazzzz! I didn't know Midol affected the aftereffects of sushi consumption.

my liver isn't fried, is there a pickled liver wash?

I'm retaining water today. Makes my joints ache. Actually, not too bad.

Wellwellwellwellwell, Mr. Ducky just walked in with a vase full of one dozen peach colored roses (my favorite)! GOOD, Mr. Ducky! A fine start to the evening! ;-)

*me thinks Walter ain't the only one trying to get lucky tonight*

Lucky Mr. Ducky??

We'll see... ;-)

we get to see ?!!?!

*hurriedly plops into the hammock and sloshes beer everywhere*

"VD"??? - I send my sympathy - I hear penicillin works.

*dashes back out to work*

ok, ya'll may have your nice dinners and roses and chocolates. the men in my life cleaned up the bathroom and did laundry when i was puking everywhere last night. top that!!

Good heavens. I didn't know that this was that sort of a blog.

*pulls up a comfy chair and cracks open a beer.*

*closes curtains, locks doors*

Sorry, Mr. Fisher; the "we" in question pertains to 1) Mr. Ducky and 2) me.

That is all.

awwwwwww cg! you done brung 'em up right! how ya feeling today??

Clean Hands: How's the back feeling? :-P

cg...THAT, is true love

*applauds crossgirl for her enlightened upbringing of male children*

Hope you're feeling better!

I will give my son applause, as well, since while I took the dog to the vet, he vacuumed the carpeting downstairs.

much better siouxie, it musta been a 24 hour thing.
they were initially horrified, as was i, but they didn't have to be asked to help. this is the first valentine's day that i've been relieved to NOT have plans.

*dashes back in and waves at her buds - miss you all*

My back's just fine, since I've decided, for the moment (subject to advice & consent from she who must snuggle a scritchy back... or not) to leave it the h3ll alone.

Siouxie merely tanned it a bit back there. Crisped some of the less-robust hairs.

Do y'all smell something burning?


^5 cg's enlightened boys

Hanna, Mot lives in South Africa.

ah, it's ok, no worries, I didn't have any plans anyways.

I'll just sit here with Clean Hands and clip my toe nails or some such.

[[ burp! ]]

Here in sunny Florida, we have a park that is named Faver Dykes. As I pass the roadside signs, I often think that's hardly fair! NTTIAWWT.

Must have cold beer before I can catch up on the BlogHaps.

*Fills washtub with beer and ice atop the BlogBar*

For some reason this reminds me of a funeral home I saw in a small town in Ireland in 1978...

My daughters and I once camped outside of a little little town in Colorado (Alamosa?) where a local business was called "Just Caskets".

nothing says "love" like Fried Liver, washed and/or otherwise. (just sayin'...)

You lie in gentle sleep beside her
She hears your warm and rhythmic breathing
She takes her hand and holds it tightly
Over your mouth; can’t hear you screaming
She kisses tears from your eyes
Her smile is sweeter than the morning
And here it comes
Can’t you feel it Cleanie?
Can’t you feel it, here it comes
Feel it, feel it, fire, hot wax, sear!

Something’s burnin’
Something’s burnin’
Something’s burnin’; I think it’s flesh
I believe it’s flesh.


I am going to have nightmares now, Ducky. And I'm going to be sleeping very lightly. Thank you.


(((Clean Hands)))

Fried Liver Wash...sounds like wherever this location is, the state in question apparently hired the Official State Location Namer from hyar. This state hired him after he got fired from Nevada for coming up with the name, "Pahrump". Not sure what they fired him from hyar for...prolly don' wanna know...

David Golia?
David and Goliath?
More dropped letters?

Hey Just Ducky, you got roses and Mr. Ducky is probably going to - um - get lucky a nice thank you and you're writing songs for us? ;)

Cheryl, I'm with you on the "lobster and pedicure" off ramp. In a nice hotel, with a little champagne, right? :)

gee el, my valentine's day wasn't much but at least i didn't have to give a lobster a pedicure...

gee el, my valentine's day wasn't much but at least i didn't have to give a lobster a pedicure...

*zips in*

Hey lower case cg, we passed on giving the lobster a pedicure and just ate him - with a little melted butter. Yum.

Follow-up: I asked Mrs. H. last night, in all seriousness, whether I should consider doing something about my back hair. After she stopped laughing, she said that it really doesn't make any difference to her, but she was touched that I would consider it.

So there!

CH, how sweet!

For funny names, there are towns in Oregon called Drain, Oregon and Boring, Oregon.

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