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February 14, 2007


It's looking bright.


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so bright, I have to wear heart shaped shades...

Cow Dung, Rotting Chickens Poised to Beat Oil, Natural Gas

No sh*t. In what, the "World's smelliest substance" contest?

I have some "giddy returns" of my own. Yuck.

Cow Dung, Rotting Chickens Poised to Beat Oil, Natural Gas

No sh*t.

an emissions trading marketplace

That would be any single's bar on Saturday night.

Now I have a headache. I really do blame global warming.

*snork* @ fivver for "That would be any singles bar on Saturday night."

I normally wouldn't bring up politics, but
Bush, a Republican in 2001...
is a very telling statement.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and British billionaire Richard Branson last week announced a $25 million prize for scientists who can devise a more efficient way to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Hey, that's an easy one....buy mud some of those diapers with the filters.

Can I have the $25 mil now??

Fivver - And also Sunday morning exploding toilets.

From love to sh!t, Mr. Blog covers all the bases.

It's not so much the warming I'm worried about; it's the global stench.

Med, like genius and insanity, sometimes that's a very fine line. Or the blink of an eye. Or the opening of one.

Screw the environment. The company I work for is looking at burning human waste for fuel, because it burns cleaner. We have to draw the line somewhere. The burning doesn't reek, but the drying process is AWFUL. Needless to say, the French are already doing it.

"Med, like genius and insanity, sometimes that's a very fine line. Or the blink of an eye. Or the opening of one."

or a stink winker

This blog is going to sh1t again.

Hey Dave, can we burn newspapers since no one reads them any more?

I had to shovel my Global warming causing SUV out from under 8 inches of snow this morning.

Pa always said if s#!t was valuable, poor people would be born without a$$holes, but does this mean that we'll soon be f@rting our way into Harvard? Will T@co B%ll take over the world? Will cows be the new nuclear plants? Would the F@rting Heifers bagnfarb? Will that hot @sian girl who works at the S~bway down the street go out with me? Have I carried this post on too long? Will...ok, I'll stop.

no, fed. that was fun. please go on.

To quote the lil' ole lady at the end of Ally McBeal, yooooouuuuu stinker!

"farting our way into harvard" wbagnfar album.

yes Fed, just like when i had diarrhea on the min-tramp during gym class, let it flow.

and is Dave trying to hint that Love, does, in fact, stink?

or a thesis title..

or is it just me?

*sniffs around*

yep, Fish...it's just you. ;-)

"Nancy Pelosi and the Methane Wafters" has a nice ring to it

Nice ring? It sounds like a subcommittee meeting!

Leave it to poop, farts and rotting carcassesesesssess to bring out the very best in our blog guys.


poop, farts, carcases
perhaps a severed penis
the artist's tableau

i still think that poop
is the funniest verb in
the english language

i am serious
"poop poop poop" see what i mean?
maybe flabbergast

Last week in a lecture, my professor discussed the subject of sanitation for several minutes, using the word "poop" multiple times. He later commented that it may have been wise to delay that lecture for a day when he wasn't being evaluated by the Department.

"Giddy Returns?" These guys are on some amazing drugs or they are not getting any if this is what brings on giddy returns.

This reminds me of the post about the allegedly-dead chickens that were dumped in a trash pile, only to emerge later, dazed and stinky.
Hmmm..."Nightmare of the Living Dead Chickens...brought to you by PG & E and Con Ed..."

This does seem like a guy thing, doesn't it? My nephew's only 2, and he already loves these words: yuck, icky, bleeck.

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