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February 14, 2007




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Chaz, those are lovely....

Beautiful and oh so warm...Shall we add to their collection? insom? christobol?

Flowers are lovely, sugar is sweet;
Oh darling I hate the smell of your feet.


Roses are red
I wish you were dead

that. is. all.

Just for the record, Annie: That's NOT me! It's some IMPOSTER!
*goes to closet for shotgun*

My life to you I will devote;
Now please just pass me that remote.

February 14th is a wonderful day
To find out that Walter's gay.

That Walter's a hard act to follow.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Don't call me
And I won't call you.

From a guy to a chick:

I'll make you dinner
if you're a spinner.

"Spinner?" Is this a euphemism that I've somehow not been notified of?

oooh CH, I'm disappointed in you. ;)

I would explain, but this is a family show.
But spinners definitely get dinner and whatever else they want.


Patrick knows.

Eleanor, I feel that I am showing great restraint by not asking your height.

Yes, I'm proud of you Patrick. ;)

When I gaze upon your splendor,
I flashback on the frog-in-blender.

I wonder what CH would find if he googled spinners.

*has learned something new today*

*not a spinner*

*takes the fifth* on "spinner ..........oh look, something shiny !!!

*looks up "spinner"*
*wishing to erase that from brain*
Too tall, NTTAWWT. Sorry, gents.

Oooh! Something shiny! *hands Jazzzz back his sock from blog floor*

Ummm, pleading the fifth on spinner. I learned something new today and pass the brain bleach.

*passes shot glass o' brain bleach*

Thanks, NT. You are a terrific nurse. I feel better now. Think I'll go watch Bones on the DVR! Love that guy, what a hunk!

I agree. David Boreanez (or however you spell it) is gorgeous!

I live in northern California, and there are at least 2 houses with those dressed up geese in my town. They get different clothes for different occations. It's kind of amusing to drive by.

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