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January 24, 2007



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Yikes!!! Life support??

At least it's not snakes!

A "toad bust." That's just wrong.

"We had a woman [the] week before last in Fannie Bay that had her dog zapped by a toad and had to take it to a vet."
Ok, who gave tazers to the toads?

LBFF: I have been toadally busted several times.

*wonders if toads too are doubly endowed*

After talking about Mott the Hoople in a previous post, I was thinking about Toads...

Toad the Wet Sprocket, that is.

How big a bra do they need for a toad bust?

*snork* @ Queen Med

Am I the only who finds it strange that the place is called Darwin?

Baron, saw Glen Phillips in Denver a few years ago, awesome. I love nonsense names for bands. Toad got theirs from a Monty Python sketch.

Good point, Mot. The "trainer" at my last job was the spitting image of a toad. I could easily see which species she evolved from. Yikes!

So, what kind of credentials are needed to qualify as a toadwatch coordinator?

Dang, Hammie...you took the words right outta my head!!

*Chloe*??? :-P

Toads with Tazers WBAGNFARB.

"...had her dog zapped by a toad..."

This sounds like something from a book that someone may have written.

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