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January 29, 2007


(Thanks to many vertical readers)


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Can't that python squeeze just a bit tighter?

Greetingssss, I'm Annie Conda, and I'll be your masseussssssse today.

I suppose contact with a one-eyed snake can be very soothing- despite our intitial misgivings....

*nudges Sioxie* Right?

There is no way snakes slithering across my tense joints and muscles would relax me. I might be less tense afterwards. Being unconscious from passing out tends to relax you.


as a muscle relaxant, right!!

as long as someone's watching where they're going. speaking of which, where's mud?

I wouldn't even pay ONE shekel!!!

In fact, you'd have to pay ME some shekels.

Lots and lots of shekels. And even then.

*snorks* at Annie (conda,) DDDoc, and Med.

As a prospective physical therapy professional, I'm shaking my fist in anger at this reptilian invasion of my field! You @%^$!*%$%# snakes are taking money from all my babies. ;-) Good thing is, they have no fists, I mean, they can't shake their fists back at me.

"Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?"

Ewwwwww. What's next, massage spiders?

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