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January 25, 2007


Give it up for: Handbrake Snake


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I dunno, handbrake snake sounds kinda dirty to me...


hat trick?

And self-simul? I am very flexible this morning...

*Joy* The snake Darwinized itself.

how about handbrake houdini? snake-in-a-brake?
boa no moa? nahhh...

Good ones, mm. I was beginning to think I was here all alone.

so the doctor gave me some pills, told me to try to make new friends. worst thing was I tried to tell him what was wrong and he wouldn’t even look – told me I was bein’ “inappropriate”. If he’s so sure why don’t he be my friend? hmph. actin’ so high and mighty. like to give him a dose of my medicine and see how he hold up. shoot. talking about Social Anxiety Disorder like I could just show up at a party and the bum’s rush would all be in my mind, you know? like I could take a pill and that would stop people from runnin’ away from me, or the pill that make restraining orders go away. as if. i don’t know why i even tried, really i don’t. i told him. i said Snake in the Ass Disorder, i did. ain’t got no pill for that, i suppose so he gotta make somethin’ up. If he tell you he can’t do nothing he can’t send you a bill for that, you know? sometimes i grab ahold of that snake and i kill it, just tie it in a knot, you know? and then when the new one pops up i show it the dead snake and say “you wanna end up like this one? get outta there!” but it never works. doesn’t make me feel any better neither. i don’t know, just something to do. “light a candle in the darkness” or something. shoot. i think i go crazy.

just you, me, and the bot

and mud, evidently...hi

mud - thorazine is the answer. i'll just send some along and please follow directions.

I hate irresponsible pet owners. If that guy knew the first thing about snakes he have put a small heat source in a box and had the snake back in a couple of hours. I hope they charged him plenty. Poor snake.

Mudstuffin I'll be your friend, just don't tie your snake in a knot! With a name like that I'm not surprised you came up with Snake in the Ass Disorder.

mud -so you have SAD? add some prozac to that thorazine and it'll fix you right up...I don't know what to do with the snakes, though...

I gawtcher handbrake snake right here!

Eventually he found the 3ft-long python wrapped around the handbrake assembly. Unfortunately, it had died.

Poor thing. Nothing more pitiful than a dead handbrake assembly.

*snork* @ MtB

I have trouble working up sympathy for a shivering snake. I know it's wrong, but I just do.

Nice quote:
"The garage said it might charge BMW under warranty for the work, on the grounds of a hissing noise in the car."

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