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January 28, 2007


(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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Lisa & Ducky, hurricane Andrew did that for me, but it amazes me how quickly I accumulate more stuff.

I got a bunch of stuff when my mom died, and it's been a challenge getting rid of stuff I don't want. I hate to throw stuff away; I'm NOT going to do a garage sale. Donating is the only option, but scheduling the pick-up...oy, they want me to wait for them ALL day.

I have 4 shopping bags of clothes I'm clear I'll never wear again sitting on the floor in my room.

daisymae, it doesn't take long to accumulate more, does it? We, too, have stuff of Mom's that I wasn't willing to part with, and an amazing amount of stuff stacked up since 1989. Not that I wish for another lightning strike, but...

daisy-Sorry about hurricane Andrew.

We've done the donation thing sometimes too. Some people say it's better than a garage sale. For clothing, you're right, donation is the best option.

daisymae, here in Austin we have organizations such as the Paralyzed Veterans who will pick up from your doorstep on a designated day; you just leave out your bags or boxes with the name of the organization on the bags, and they'll take 'em away for you. You don't even have to be there.

So jazzz, LL's dirty thong isn't a knick-knack?

What category did you file it under?

I'm keeping it in the freezer until I figure that out.

Casey -- congrats from all of us here in The House of Perpetual Remodel. After gutting both bathrooms (one at a time, of course) down to the studs/floor joists and starting over, even moving the door of one 4' to the right, and turning the former basement apartment into a home theater/bar/spare kitchenette/guest room, I am now looking at adding onto our kitchen.

Some people form addictions to drugs. My addiction is Home Depot.

Next to the ice pubes?

No, I didn't say thay. I swear. It was somebody else.

Hoot!!!! Steve W whoever said that

Daisymae - there are plenty of non-profits that will take your clothes and give you a tax-break because of your donation. Battered Women's groups, Catholic Charities, Mental Health groups...look into it. You don't have to wait around, and you get a break on your taxes.

sorry, Jazzzz - LL's skidmarked thong is NOT tax-deductible.

Stevie, LL's thong is a knicker-knack.

JD - that's just thong.

yer killing me here!

LL's dirty thong? Watch out for traces of the love bug.

"Don't want a Lohan with a low hand,
Don't want a loser who's an easy lush..."

*handles thong with tongs*

Pals, thank you so much for your support. I too, HATE shopping. I make the list then run & grab and out the door as quick as possible. I have had 2 boyfriends that actually complained because I wouldn't shop with them. Today, I did not actually buy lights, fans, etc., I only bought the stuff necessary for installing fixtures later. I bought the housing for the recessed lights and the track for the track lighting that will later support art glass pendants. Also, joist supports, 16 penny nails, electrical boxes, etc. So, not like I was out shopping for the latest trend in ceiling fans or whatever. I was shopping for necessities and I was/am still so excited I could pee my pants. Like someone said, (I believe AWBH), this represents PROGRESS and in my mind, I picture my beautiful, relaxing, wonderful new living room and know that I am one step closer.

You guys are the greatest!

Congrats, casey! I am filled with admiration for those who can do home remodeling without resorting to hiring a walking case of Contractor's Crack to finish the job for them. (Not that this has ever happened to me personally.)

I have at least a half-dozen dozen major home improvements I should undertake, which would greatly enhance the resale value of my home, and which would make it more in keeping with the general character of the neighborhood, but I'm too lazy busy to even consider starting any of them.

Not to mention that I really can't stand the idea of going, hat in hand, to beg the city for permission to work on my own freaking house. (I live in an Urban Planning Utopia, so you must get a permit for most everything.)

Yay, casey! Best of luck with the living room face-lift! We are currently embarking upon a cosmetic redo of the upstairs (kids/guest) bathroom--taping, floating, texturing, new lighting, countertop, sink, faucets, floor...when I say we, I mean Mr. Ducky.

lol, aw & jz

How many rounds can a floozy imbibe
Before she has had too much scotch?
How many public catfights can she have
Before she is called firecrotch?
Yes and how many times can she mess up her life
And prove she's a total beeyotch?

The answer my friend, is Lohan Lindsey's thing.
The answer is Lohan Lindsey's thing.

1) *On*topic: I am sorry for Lindsey. She is actually talented, pretty, and can sing. The likes of Paris Hilton sucked her in and trashed her.

2) *Off*topic: Prayers for Barbaro. It does not look good at all.

For Jazzzz and his new Ebay acquisition:

Jazzzz's Song

It’s a little bit scummy, it feels slick inside
You’ve got underclothes you can’t easily hide
You don’t have much money, but boy you sure bid
You bought a pig’s lousy undies, yes, you did

If lye would work, or bleach—but then again, no
You’d need more disinfectant; she’s a well-traveled ho
You want it so much, but it’s infested through
Your gift is her thong and it's just for you.

Ducky - I am so sorry about your lightening strike. How jolting!

I had my own Jolt 5 years ago, but it was called a divorce. Just took my clothes and my car and started over. Didn't want any of THAT stuff as reminders.

Teeheehee. He thought I was being nice leaving the 4500 sq ft house to clean for the kids' sake. {It was both} I don't think he has dealt, as our family portrait is still hanging over the fireplace and our wedding picture is on display in his office. {I think I just threw up in my mouth.}

Ducky....I *snorked* my Diet Mtn Dew™ so hard it came out of my ..(wait, can I say that here?) Hot d@mn!!!!


*passes Med a blogarita to get the taste out of her mouth*

I had a jolt like that, myself, long ago. It isn't any fun, but sometimes you just have to fold and find another game. My ex was an angry alcoholic, and I finally decided he wasn't going to change and I wasn't going to be able to save him. There are worse things than being single.

*hands Jazzzz some tissues and paper towels*

Sorry about that, Jazzzz! ;-)

xlnt ducky, just xlnt. Take me to the pilot of your stove.

LOL Stevie!!!!!!

TY for the hugs. But really, leaving all the crap, physical and figurative, behind was the best thing I have done for myself.

No company is much better than bad company. And hey, I have you guys! And bloglits never leave the seat up, snore or hog the covers. Poifect!

"And bloglits never leave the seat up, snore or hog the covers. Poifect!"

Lol, med. Great line.

You can say that again, Meditrina! I love living alone, doing what I want, when I want, and having company if I feel like company. :)

Me, too! People used to ask me how I was 'getting by' since my divorce. They also thought I had a facelift or something, since I looked about 10 years younger. They were stunned when I said I was doing great. I didn't just 'get by,' I freakin' bloomed!*
*results not typical of all divorces - your experience may vary - consult your doctor/therapist/attorney for details.

Snatch 'n' sniff.

(Sorry, ladies, but as you all know, divorced and otherwise, one limitation of the male gender is we have one-track minds. Get us going in one direction and it's hard to change gears. Love us for what we are.)

Annie - Me too. And what is with people that think you have to have a significant other? Please, when the right man walks through the door, I will know.


Annie, ex Mr. AWBH proly wasn't getting any 02 to his brain from laughing so hard all the time! Whew!

Stevie, walk toward the light...

*Annie's testimonial*

I lost 180 lbs. in 30 days, and you can, too! No dieting, no exercise! Just call:

1-800-DUMP-HIM, now!

Jazzz - my first big clue - he didn't get most of my humor. Sigh.

Stevie - if guys have one-track minds, my ex was parked on a track spur.

if guys have one-track minds, my ex was parked on a track spur.

Ms. Jazzzz fixed some of those little Italian bread, roma tomatoes, mozzarella,pesto,etc. thingies. Thanx to AWBH I now have one in my frontal sinus.

Jazzz - sorry. That's a condition known as apnea focaccia. Good luck with that.

I think he had an itsy bitsy teeny weeny nasally esconced crostini.

*snork* @ Annie! Sounds very similar to the condition called canapes interruptus.

*Simul-snorks d'oeuvre* @ Stevie!


Where else can you go for an immediate diag-nose-is of your condition?

And while I'm not a doctor, I've played with one near my tv.

Stop whut??? *blinks eyes innocently*

You guys are too much fun. Love each and every one of your pointy little heads. I must retire now before I rupture something important!! G'nite all....hopefully tomorrow..........Jz

Nighty-night, Jazzzz! Sweet dreams!

Jazzz -bRUSCHetta on outta here before you pita in your pants. Hummus can be addictive and painful. And apparently, Stevie, Annie, and Ducky are on a Roll.

*Mediterranean snork* @ Meditrina!

I was taught that it wasn't polite to talk shop in a social setting.

I just knew that if I waited long enough and scrolled on through, I would get to the funny stuff.

Well worth the wait. SNORK-O-Rama!

*Struts out to Toys In The Attic*

Meanie - go easy on Jazzz - if he doesn't improve, he'll probably need to have rhino-pasta.

OK, Annie. Oregano just call it quits then.

Annie - Jazzzz might prefer Wino-plasty or an APPendectomy.

As my son used to sing (really):
"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,
That's an owie!"

Good evening folks! Tried to catch up on the days blogtivities and fun! *snorks* a-plenty!

Concert was great. Lots of nice looking cowboys. Great music and cheap beer. What more's a girl to ask for??

Wait, are you still talking about shopping? You people are pathetic.

Annie - Your son is obviously a chip off the old blockette. I think a good sense of humor helps us get through the owie's with our sanity intact. You go, girl.

Sioux, Missed you today and am extremely green with envy. Glad you had a good time. :)

Med -

Leave it to the one in the food industry to come up with bruscetta. And here I thought I had the inside track with crostini, over canapes and focaccia.

...and jd...*snorks d'oeuvre*...ha ha ha ha ha

Thanks Stevie W. My little sis claims I am a food and whine snob. I'll never admit it to her, but she may have a point.

Med - too funny...Siouxie, awesome - I miss real cowboys. Stevie - I'm sleepy - can I just give you a *snork* coupon in advance for tomorrow?

You guys have set some kind of new record for SPM (snorks per minute)! I've been grumpy all day...thanks for sending me off to bed with a smile.

Yep, Betsy. We have been enjoying a snork-o-rama. Glad to know you are going off to dreamland smiling.

Thank you, Stevie! I love learning new words--I've added crostini!

Annie, your son sounds adorable!!! Is he old enough to have the girls after him yet?

Siouxie, missed you today! Sounds like you had lots of fun. We have some pretty durn good-lookin' cowboys down here, too, if you decide to widen your horizons!

Aw, you don't need no stinking coupons.

He didn't get your jokes? Too bad. Try having an LTR with someone who does, but would rather act like she (or in your case, he) doesn't. Both suck, I guess.

Sleep tight.

So even of the COA I have from e-bay is signed "Linseed Lohan", it still is genuine, right?

I am also off to bed laughing. Snorking. Whatever. I collected my nephew from weekend jail and sent him home far from me for the last time. I was unhappy till I read this. Thanks!

Well Mot, are you there?

Wakey! Since I'm up, I'll start the week with coffee, of course, And omelets. For fillins' we have cheese, (several kinds), bacon, ham, salmon, veggies (onion, pepper, broccoli, and asparagus) and crab. To counteract the cholesterol, although we all know that doesn't count because of the lecithin in the egg yolk, we have fresh fruit salad, and yoghurt with granola. Pick your pois(s)on...

Hi mm, I'm beaverin' away at the office. It's 87 in the shade and I say thank goodness for the a/c.

Salmon sounds good (omega 3 oils), I hate green veggies but I know they're good for you, and I think we need to include some low GL bread and low fat spread. Just to keep it all healthy, IYKWIM.

Mornin' Blog!!!

Thanks, Med & Ducky! Missed ya'lls too. Annie, anyone who doesn't "get" your humor doesn't deserve you. (Just a note on the "I am woman" powerfest - damn right ladies. It is OK to be a single mom. Besides, I've learned to take the trash out AND change a light bulb. I think I'm showing my own daughters by example, that we can do well on our own...don't worry guys, we still love ya).

mm, I will have some fruit salad with a side of bacon and cheese omelet. Plenty of coffee too!

morning kids!
i'll take some of that coffee but pass on the eggs. i think i've got a spare donut in my pocket here somewhere... anyone wanna share?

morning Mot & crossgirl!! It is cooooooooollllllddddddd here in Miami this mornin!! 50's!!

Despite it being 2:30 here I'll say mornin' ta ya'll.

Carrying on from the girl power thread, I am forced to say that I'm mightily ashamed at my fellow men of the masculine persuasion for letting so many of you fine ladies slip through their grasp by not appreciating what they had in the first place. I won't apologise for them as I personally think think they must've been a bunch of Richard heads, and don't deserve to be counted as real men. Real men are not afraid to eat quiche.

What? No Spam™?

*plunks Spam™ can down on blogbar*

Since you're cooking, can I have a Spam™, eggs, sausage and Spam™?

*opens CranApple juice and starts filling glasses*

DPC, we gave all the spsm to the f"£$^!g spambot.

all y'all Miami hothouse flowers. I myself am an (orchid) hothouse flower also, but it's in 20's here. Anything below say, 65 is chilly to me, too.

Did I mention the toast was whole grain? A mix with oatmeal, nice and chewy. Yummm.

Here ya go, Chris...special Golden Honey Grail Spam

DPC - sure, there's not much spam in that.

mot, i agree wholeheartedly. they were not worthy.

Mot, thank you for the kind words. We'll just have to keep looking for real men out there. Quiche anyone?

Real Men™ do exist. But 98% of us are either already married, or play for the other team.

Siouxie, my mom just called from marco saying that she was unable to get warm. she was freezing. said she had to put on a sweater and a long sleeved shirt. poor lil thing. when asked what the temperature was, she said,"oh, my god, it's only 58 degrees here now". i don't want to hear it. it's the whole way up to 20 degrees here.


Your Mileage May Vary

DPC YMMV is new to me also. Dish.

*snork* at the disclaimer, DPC..


Chris, you are correct. Doesn't leave much pickins' for us gals.

witchlesa, your poor mommy must be freeeezing!

I just consulted the thermometer, and it is 21F in my backyard. It is a balmy 55F in my living room.
(Because I think I was a polar bear in a previous life.
Because sweaters are cheaper than heating oil, and I'm a tightwad.
Because there isn't usually anyone home during the day.)

There are still a few Real Men™ available. I work with... counting... one.

I've heard that lament before, maybe you girls are looking in the wrong places.

I've found that you gentlemen of the male persuasion are like heaters. Hardly ever cold and great to snuggle up to. Unlike many of us ladies of the female persuasion who tend to be cold. It's a match made in heaven. At night. Dring the day, it's a continual fight at the thermostat, rivalling the fight for the remote.

*Adds quiche to breakfast table offerings*

G'Mornin', all. G'Afternoon, Mot.

thanks, MtB, we now have enough for lunch/brunch also. This is great!

and once you're all done eating, you neede to check out the panda on cute overload (second item)

Rule #15: small ear-to-head ratio

I thought Basset Hounds were cute. Guess I was wrong.

bassetts are way cute on other rules, the new furbrow rule is the first that comes to mind...

Your breakfast spread sounds excellent. As for the temperature, here in Chicago 58 (or even 28) would trigger a wave of shorts'n'T jogging. But then, we are warmed by the thought of our Bears...

45 degrees here on the Highway to Vegas (I live in the middle of nowhere), but can I request a Carnation Instant Breakfast? As a kid, I read that it was like eating 4 strips of bacon, and two eggs, but I could never find them in the package. But how do you make eggs taste like chocolate?

mm-I'd forgotten about cute overload. Those pictures are adorable...ah...which I guess is the whole point. Anyway, it works for me.

Morning one and all.

Weighing in on the man thing....I have made bad choices. I am not bitter. Since divorcing almost 10 years ago (talk about a REALLY bad choice) I have had 3 relationships lasting 2 or more years each. I learned so much from each one. I've learned things about myself, things about men in general, and things about life. Even tho each man broke it off with me, (two because of other women), I have maintained close relationships with each. Most of all, I laughed. I laughed and laughed and laughed. At them, at myself and with them. I choose to be alone right now and I'm still laughing at and with life. Sometimes I really miss that inside joke where you can just look at your partner and know exactly what they are thinking, but overall, I'm very happy. I get very irritated at my friends who comment that I "need a man". I find that my male friends are more likely to tell me this than my female friends. There ARE good men out there, some of them aren't even attached! I just choose not to be with one right now! I bet Annie and Siouxie would agree with me.

Anywho, I would like a toasted poppy seed bagel with extra cream cheese, please and thank you.

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