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January 15, 2007


Except for one little problem.

(Thanks to Joe Cool)


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First?? Maybe?

Chi Chi Chi Chi House!

Damn their squirrely hides.

Although how would the mortgage companies get to squeeze America if everyone suddenly just grew a home?

Dammit, that's "Chia House".

I'm not really the tree-hugging type, but the getting plastered part sort of appealed to me. What's that? They were talking about plastering the walls? Oh. Never mind, then.

Definitely first, Esther:) Congratulations!

What I want to know about this 'house' is why my AOL Wallet appeared as it loaded. Am I really a single click away from a home that commits acts of photosynthesis around the clock???

Thanks for the Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA earworm,beppie.

:) Glad I could help!

I see problems here....my Dane likes to fetch tree branches. I can just picture me telling him to fetch and he brings me the bathroom wall or something.

OT--okay, had anyone noticed since Judi posted that link to complain about the spambot,that you can't even post once without it popping up? Perhaps someone there got a little ticked off, and is taking it out in passive agressive ways?

No thanks...We will just continue to live in a shoe.

I've heard of people having problems with some tree types, like willows, breaking water pipes to use themselves. Would you really want a house that was designed to do so? How would your house do in a drought? And houses nowadays are required to have flame retardent materials, how in the heck are you going to flame-proof a tree?

who said 'people who live in grass houses shouldn't throw lawnmowers'?

The Apprentice's new project, "Tree-Trump Village!"

The House Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank

YAY! Ado!!

Good post!!!

Congrats, Ado...:)

I haven't read any of the other MB posts (except 24) but when I heard through the Grapevine it was you, I *zipped* right over. :)

Yeah, That grapevine is hot.
anyway, Good job Ado. I must say, growing a house would be much easier then painting.
"This wall looks weak. better plant another one."
People will be spraying crap all over there houses.
The flaming poo joke will be a whole new funny.

Any chance of growing a robot like that.

very cool, Mr. Cool! ;)

Fall housecleaning would include raking the living room...

yup, this is perfect for my little piece of dessert..... **sits back to wait for brown, 3 inch tall house to finish growing in 50 years**

I thought chi chi's were spanish slang for, uh, ramparts, so a chi chi chi chi house, well...

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