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December 18, 2006


Britain is running out of rhubarb.

(Thabks to DavCat14)


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So that explains the reports of children dancing on the roof tops.

must be those Asbos and Yobs again...

please, send them all of the rhubarb in North America. why would anyone actually volunteer to eat a poisinous, disgusting, bitter, gross stalk of crap? this may tell psychologists an awful lot about the British psyche. while i will admit that most of their food is bland and tasteless, rhubarb is not an improvement.


I actually like rhubarb, but I know I'm in the minority. My question is, what do they do with it at Christmas that makes it so important??

Pies, Scooter, pies.

WW, you seem a bit ambivalent about rhubarb.

And whips to use on carolers.

sorry hammie, i was forced to eat it once when i was a kid. rhubarb and liver and onions always get violent reactions from me. i'll try to control myself on the subject.

isnt that what the pour cement ariound to make it stronger?

Rebar, Chaz. Same difference tho.

Some of the other headlines at that site are too good...especially the one about a brit held in a snatch. Maybe that's their problem?

i've only ever had rhubarb pie, and it was pretty good. did you eat it some OTHER way, wicked? and is that why?

MM, happy memories of strawberry rhubarb pies, made from rhubarb that one day decided to start growing near (but not in) our garden. We WERE in Canada, though.. maybe it was smuggled over from the Motherland.

And so, the sun finally sets on the British Empire...

They report that as if it's some kind of bad news.

Mmmmm, rhubarb! My grandmother used to make a very tart rhubarb sauce. It was good alone and on top of vanilla ice cream. Why anyone would pollute a perfectly good rhubarb pie with strawberries is forever beyond me, though. Rhubarb pies: Good! Strawberry pies: Good! Strawberry-rhubarb pies: waste of both. While I feel sorry for the brits losing their rhubarb I still can't see sending any of the precious stuff over there. It would be useless by the time it got there, anyway.

My grandmother made the best rhubarb pie EVER. It was amazing. She could never write down a recipe for it and my aunts and I are bereft now that she's gone. I totally agree that it's a waste to put strawberries in rhubarb pie.

*never had rhubarb anything*

that. is. all.

WW-just a tip-the rhubarb tastes better without the liver and onions, at least I think so.

Ever tried it with strawberries? Good on it's own, good with strawberries. I'm open-minded. I'm accepting of both. I will agree with artchick on the liver and onions though.

I'm quite confuzzled. Rhubarbs have livers?

Oh, Siouxie! You have been deprived! Don't bother buying any pre-processed rhubarb - fresh only!

Muffles: agreed re: Liver - ick; onions - ick

rhubarb pie - excellent. guin and scottmgs are correct.

strawberries - a perversion of rhubarb pie. guin and scottmgs are correct again.

best rhubarb pie ever - my mothers. scottmgs and guin are sadly mistaken.

Scott, I guess rhubarb wasn't all that popular in cuba.

Now guava pie...yummmmmy!

Well, mud, since I cannot bring one of my grandmother's pies to the contest I'll concede that point (except in my memory!).

I'll also concede on the subject of herpetological poetry.

Hmmm, never had guava pie, Siouxie. There was a guava bush in the back yard of house I lived in long ago but we never ate any of them. I'd be willing to try pie, though.

Now you've been deprived, Scott. Guayaba (guava) is one of the few fruit I'll even eat. We even eat it when it's not completely ripe...very tangy and still yummy. My aunt made the best guava pie! Oh and guava and cream cheese is a fav. cuban 'dessert'.

*shopping list: Whole Foods - Guava*

Guava? Y'all make pies & desserts out of stuff produced by bats and gooney birds? I thot that wuz fertiliz ... um ... OH ... GUAVA ... nevermind ...

The best "non-homemade" rhubarb pie I've found is at Marie Callender's™ ... most of the time, folks put too much sugar in the filling ... they're thinkin' that if they take the tartness out of it, it'll be better ... wrong ... merely wrong ... (and yes, please don't pollute the rhubarb with strawberries ... raspberries, OTOH, might be OK ...)

Also rhubarb cake, bars, sauce ... yep ... good suff, Maynard!

[WW - only the leaves are poisonous ... which, according do some folks I know, proves that swine are smarter than humans, since they won't eat any part of the plant, if you toss it into their feeding area ...]

(If they take the tartness outa Britwit or Barea$$ Hilton, however ... they'd be left with ... um ... nada ...

Right, O, too much sugar spoils it. If your cheek muscles don't *zing* it's got too much sugar or other filler (either that or you're watching celeBRITy TV, in which case you'd be heaving).

Scott' ... my personal standard of excellence is when the (whichever flavor -- rhubarb, aprico, raspberry, others ...) will squinch your eye shut, due to the tartness ...

When one cannot keep both eyes open, that's about the right amount of tang (not Tang™) in the recipe, IMHO ...

How appalling! Thank heavens I live in America, where I can get all the Rhubarb I want from my local 24 hour superstore.

*loves Rhubarb pie*

mudstuffin, I must respectfully disagree with you. My mother's rhubarb pie is the best ever, so you must see it's impossible for your mother's pie to hold the same title. ;-)

*ducks and runs downstairs to make cookie dough*

The women's bible study is doing a cookie exchange tomorrow before the Christmas program. I'm making cocoa kisses. Big hit at my last family reunion. They taste kind of like Mexican wedding cake cookies, only chocolaty.

Not that anyone cares about any of this. Don't drool on your keyboards. ;-)

Okay, I'm jonesing for some pie and other treats now!

That's a good measure, O.

Bumble, maybe, unknown to us all, my grandmother, your mother and mud's mother must all be the same person!!!

I'll contribute to this rhubarb.

Scott, hooked on MSG MGS, liver, I'm with you, but you can't cook without onions! It's part of the holy trilogy of Italian cooking, or the mirapoir of French cooking; carrots, celery, and onions!

And, for Sio and fellow tropical people, and everyone, the tartest fruit from childhood is tamarind. Everybody actually knows this one; it's the base for A-1 steaksauce.

CJ, I happen to LOVE tamarind. I love tart fruit! Although I haven't had it in ages!

Weird gift du season (so far) - bacon & cheese flavored popcorn.

As the old song goes, "How you gonna keep the boys down on the ground once they've discovered there are tamarinds in the tree?"

What? That's how we used to sing it.

CJ? where can I get me some tamarind???

I'm wonderin' if it tastes better without the rind?

No no no, CJ. The holy trinity of Italian cooking is garlic, garlic, and garlic.

Do you they use rhubarb in Spotted Dick? Because then they'd have to close that down too.

Goodbye for today, from Rhubarb and Jose, and from your buddy Jimmy Blaine.

I prefer popcorn-flavored bacon.

This must be terrible for the Brits -- no rhubarb crumble!!!

stevie w ... that's merely sick!!!

Popcorn flavored bacon, indeed!

Well, I, for one, will remember where I was: sitting in my computer chair, reading The Blog.

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